I’m in the 1940s era! *gasp*


A lot of my classes were canceled last week (going to have those classes in week 7 which is next week – oh noes! no reading week :() So, I was in the library most of the time – since I always move back and forth to the kitchen haha or slump on the floor of my room. Obviously, no work could finish if I’m at home! 😛

I remember showing the photos of 2 of the libraries which are part of my university. Oh, actually just one 😛 which is the church looking library 🙂 I haven’t taken a photo of the library that I always go, it’s pretty modern and.. boring lol
I’ll remember to take along my camera next time 🙂

Anyway, last week I went to this library which is inside St Barts hospital – err I might get the facts wrong, oh well 😛

Just for the lolz, here’s me in the library, trying to act cute 😛 which PHAIL BIG TAIM! -oh look I smiled! 😛

It’s a small library, but, when I first step in I was like… “OMG!! HARRY POTTER’S LIBRARY!!” hehe it looks classic, classy and so comfortable! thus the title of this post. Why 40s? don’t ask, it’s just some random year I could think of haha

The library is really amazing! it’s interior look is so…. WOW!
Did I mention it’s so comfortable in there? 😛 hehe
oh the thing about that library is.. well since it’s old, I hardly find seats which look out of the window and have socket to charge my laptop haha
I had to totally bend the plug to fit it into the socket =.= because it’s situated way too low at the shelves 0_0 – that doesn’t make sense, right? oh well, ignore me then~

but all in all, I love that library! If I’m free again, I’d like to go there! to study not taking photos of course! haha
It’s a bit far (not that far) but there’s one library which is just 3 mins away from my place haha
This one.. well I need to take the public transport hehe

Anyway, a few photos! 🙂






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  1. Wow..!!

    Besar dan cantik gak library tu.. Kalau kak tie tinggal kat situ sebulan pun tak pe. Kak tie suka sangat dok kat library, sampai muka pucat macam pelakon opera . Eee… jelesnya, kalaulah kak tie dapat ke situ, tentu terlompat-lompat macam budak kecik!

    Err… takut tengok wajah Adila. Serious sangat. Why not you try to put on some blusher kat pipi tu.. hehe..(ke kak tie yang tak nampak?) pandai je mokcik ni … Jangan marah Adila ooii. Nanti kak tie lagilah takut.

    • kecik je library tu.. tp mmg best la duduk situ
      sy xmo tinggal kat situ mlm2….
      ade seram sikit2 hehehehe

      bkn kak tie je nak terlompat2, sy time sampai2 tu mmg tawaf atas bawah library tu ntah brapa kali hihihihi
      nasib tak kena tendang keluar je haha

      muka sy serius sgt ke? hehehe
      asalkan xde la nmpk mcm org yg tgh marah memanjang dah le
      kang takut plak org nak ckp ngan sy WAKAKAKAK
      blusher? errr bab2 make up semua tu.. tak sampai seru lagi haha
      leceh kot nak pakai semua tu 😦

    • hahahahaha boleh geng la mcm ni 😛
      tu yg sy klo pegi library je, klo tgk super ngantuk, mmg bawak kopi ngan headphone
      psg lagu kuat2 xmo kasi lentok~ haha

  2. i am envying you from the roots of my hair to the soles of my toes!!!

    jangan..jangan…don’t do this to me!!!

    i bet the smell must be damn nice over there? i love the smell of the books…i can even sleep with it…

  3. walaweeeeeeeeeeeh… library..!! kalo library cam gitu nak aje aku tinggal kat situ.. bawak bantal selimut skali.. waaaaaaaaaaah.. lawaaa… lawa.. ape nama library tu eh..?? library hospital..? siyes.. lawaaaaa….. lawaaaa.. apesal takde org je tak situ..?? hoh..

    • kan!!! hahaha
      nama library tu West Smithfield 😛

      org gi class/keje la
      aku je yg cuti lepak situ hahahaha

      ptg2 ramai gak kat situ
      tu time dah abes class la kan 😛

  4. omg. the library is way too big. unexpected when i started to read your post. really, like in the movie – potter.

    i realize not many people in the library? they don’t fancy reading eh?

    • it’s really small comparing to the other libraries I went 😀

      I was there since morning till evening; pretty much people came like after lunch hours to the library 🙂
      before that, no one else were there apart from me and the librarians

      and oh, obviously, people have classes/work 😛
      that’s why there were no people in sight haha
      and.. those are only medical books; so, only medical students/doctors go to that library 😛

      p/s: people don’t fancy reading? it’s Briton! they always with a book everywhere they go 😛

      • briton always with a book everywhere! that means they are really treasuring knowledge..

        & i supposed they are a cleaver boys all the ways.. hmmm
        or still have yg bangang2 gitew.. huhuhu

      • hahaha yg bangang pun ade~
        the thing is.. kat sini surat khabar ala2 kosmo tu diorg kasi free dkt2 tube station (ala2 LRT gitew)

        psl tu kot slalu tgk diorg ade budaya membaca kat mane2 je pun haha sampai bwk buku crita tebal tu jln2 pun~

  5. waaahhh!! library tu memang classic!
    cantik gambar yg dila tangkap,
    n the fact that u didt use any flashes
    shows that u really know how to capture
    the classic mood!

    so classic is?
    kayu! kayu! kayu! and kayu!!

    kerusi merah tu nampak besh:)

    • HAHAHAHA!! ada org ckp, suruh i smile with my eyes as well lol

      a’ah i pakai kit lens 😀
      malas nak usung the other lens haha psl i bawak laptop lagi to the library hehe

      • lol.. double triple heavyyy kot ;P

        haha smile with your eyes. it reminds me of tyra bank american next top model pulak.. smile with eyes.. “smize” lol ;P

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