Daily Archives: November 4, 2009

I’m in the 1940s era! *gasp*


A lot of my classes were canceled last week (going to have those classes in week 7 which is next week – oh noes! no reading week :() So, I was in the library most of the time – since I always move back and forth to the kitchen haha or slump on the floor of my room. Obviously, no work could finish if I’m at home! 😛

I remember showing the photos of 2 of the libraries which are part of my university. Oh, actually just one 😛 which is the church looking library 🙂 I haven’t taken a photo of the library that I always go, it’s pretty modern and.. boring lol
I’ll remember to take along my camera next time 🙂

Anyway, last week I went to this library which is inside St Barts hospital – err I might get the facts wrong, oh well 😛

Just for the lolz, here’s me in the library, trying to act cute 😛 which PHAIL BIG TAIM! -oh look I smiled! 😛

It’s a small library, but, when I first step in I was like… “OMG!! HARRY POTTER’S LIBRARY!!” hehe it looks classic, classy and so comfortable! thus the title of this post. Why 40s? don’t ask, it’s just some random year I could think of haha

The library is really amazing! it’s interior look is so…. WOW!
Did I mention it’s so comfortable in there? 😛 hehe
oh the thing about that library is.. well since it’s old, I hardly find seats which look out of the window and have socket to charge my laptop haha
I had to totally bend the plug to fit it into the socket =.= because it’s situated way too low at the shelves 0_0 – that doesn’t make sense, right? oh well, ignore me then~

but all in all, I love that library! If I’m free again, I’d like to go there! to study not taking photos of course! haha
It’s a bit far (not that far) but there’s one library which is just 3 mins away from my place haha
This one.. well I need to take the public transport hehe

Anyway, a few photos! 🙂