Stick the POSTER up!


I did a lot of posters during my 2nd year in uni
Want to see it? probably you don’t want to 😛

As time goes by, I guess that I’m not really into it as much as I did before. Well, it’s more like.. I have no idea what to make a poster of haha
I still like digital art up till now 🙂 It’s one of the best thing I ever came across!
I only stick to text art these days and here are some of the new one that I did 🙂
There are a few spelling mistakes in the blue text art 😛 too lazy to upload the edited version up haha

Anyway, during summer, I was all in for a poster that I did for a friend of mine; for a PASS Mentoring Scheme. Something like.. seniors mentoring the 1st years 🙂
I remember attending the PASS when I was in my 1st year haha
awww that made me feel old 😐

here are the draft versions of the posters 😛

and.. last week I got a text (sms) from my friend asking if I’ve seen the poster yet in the computer lab. I went to the lab during the weekend just to see it haha


That’s one of the “proper” poster I ever done! go me! 😛
I wanted to post another entry up, about London devMeet which I went during the weekend.. but.. the proper photo are not out yet 😛 So I’ll wait till the photos are up for grab! hehe

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  1. Tahniah!

    Kak tie memang percaya, Adila ni kreatif dan penuh dengan daya imaginasi!!

    ~ Esok2 bila kaya jangan lupa kak tie tau!!! Uwaaaaa………

    • thanks 😀

      it’s hard to get people to hire me 😦
      i’ve tried before, none gone through haha because.. well, i mainly not experience in this area

      so for me.. hands down to make income of this stuff hehe

    • awwww thanks 😀

      xde org nak hire la 😦
      lg plak, ramai org yg lagi establish yg offer service buat posters and such

      kalau ada cable senang nak contact dgn clubs/pubs psl slalunya clubs/pubs yg guna flyer, flyer diorg slalu xcantik sgt haha

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