Soccer.. GOALLL!


Soccer? Football? I’d say football instead of soccer šŸ˜›
That reminds me.. I’ve never watch American Football šŸ˜¦ – apart from the anime version lol

Anyway, yesterday I went for a photoshoot šŸ˜› of the Malaysian Society in my uni football club
I used to take sports photography before, (FootBOLA) so I’m alright with it (err I guess?) Yesterday was my 2nd time in it šŸ™‚ haha sports photography is pretty interesting even though I don’t play any sports

Anyway, some photos šŸ™‚
As usual, it’s in my facebook album : QMMSoc FC
Most of the photos were taken using my 70-300mm lens, it is scary as when I zoom in to snap, it seems like the ball is rolling towards me HAHAHAHA!!














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    • hehe yeah true šŸ˜¦
      keep a fast shutter speed, and follow the player through the viewfinder.. or try to predict where the ball is going next šŸ™‚
      that helps a lot

  1. dila, i dont think i met u officially before. saw u once masa terserempak nak pegi rumah eliza for her bday party earlier this year je. thanks for the photos coz now i can laugh at zul (the QM zul).

    btw, the boys rembat bola mmg kuat gile ok. i duduk luar pagar tu pun scared the ball can go thru the pagar n hit me when they aim for the goal.

  2. Hi Adila, wow! You have 300mm! Outstanding! I have my 35mm-135mm portrait lens. Good enough for my portrait shoots.
    Your pics are really fantastic, well done!
    Won’t be long boleh free lance for National Geographic, ha ha.
    Have a scary halloween, Lee.

    • 70-300mm is pretty handy for sports + buildings photography.. well I think so haha but it’s heavy šŸ˜¦

      I want to try the 50mm since the aperture is in smaller number as pretty much I’m into portraiture these days šŸ˜€ well.. not that I have the money to buy it any time soon haha
      I’ll still stick to my kit lens for a while more šŸ˜€

      National Geographic? haha it’s going to be pure luck if I do šŸ˜› I’m still bad with the technical stuffs about camera

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