A Tourist once AGAIN!


Would you rather listen.. I mean read my rant or see a lot of photos? πŸ˜›
I bet you’ll choose the later

Anyway, as Uncle Lee suggested, I went out today, Sunday, as things gone worse yesterday
I couldn’t complete any of my work; there’s always something that won’t work right; ie some error in my tcl script, I can’t install LabSQL, it can’t find winVNC, I can’t try out database, etc etc 😦 It is so frustrating!

As the weather was so lovely today, sis and I went for markets tour πŸ˜›
We only went to 2 markets, Petticoat Lane Market and Spitalfield Market; only remembered about Brick Lane Market when we were on our way home lol – too late anyway hehe

We also went to Kings Cross/St Pancras station to find the Harry Potter uhh.. platform? whatever it was, it has been ages since I last watch Harry Potter hehe – too bad we didn’t find it as we went there without googling the exact place where it would be lol. Maybe next time πŸ™‚

And.. we were around Paddington for a bit (yes yes photoshoot!) because there’s this Malaysian restaurant – Bonda that I’ve been wanting to go for Malaysian food hehe

But anyway, our main plan was to go to those markets πŸ˜€

Well.. to put it simple, those markets are like.. pasar tani back in Malaysia hehe – without the fishes, meat sections πŸ˜› they sell cheap clothes, rejected clothes(?) I guess as they were saying those clothes are from House of Fraser, New Look, Selfridges, etc.. those kind of brands

Anyway, there’s always something special about those markets than normal pasar tani πŸ˜› Like.. at Petticoat Lane, there are a lot of laces πŸ˜› well.. those laces are a bit different than what I have in mind. It’s like.. super heavy lace? I mean the fabric is heavy and it looks like tablecloth hehe – no offense intended



Since it was kind of packed and I’m not sure if it’s okay to take photos of the public, I had my camera around my neck and snap these photos without looking through the viewfinder haha
I randomly pressed on the shutter release button when I feel like it ehe~
Not bad eyh? πŸ˜›

So, here goes some photos of Petticoat Lane Market







And finally.. the only photo of Spitalfield Market hehe

We’ve just started daylight savings time fall back today; which means we have an hour extra (not really); so I should really be doing my work now as I had fun going out πŸ™‚
Photoshoot pictures will be posted in the next entry πŸ˜›

Going out sure was the right thing to do πŸ™‚
At least, I don’t feel as depressed as I was before lol

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  1. when i used to work UK hours, daylight savings would be our biggest nightmare. instead of starting at 3pm, we started at 4pm. Huhuhuhu…it was so tiring!

    good job! you were shy when you took these pictures, aight?

    • hehe the time if going backwards, it’s goooood
      if it’s forward.. OH NOES lol

      and.. nope i wasn’t shy when taking those photos xD
      it’s rather shy to do that in Malaysia, but i’m pretty ok doing things like this here πŸ™‚
      it’s only that.. try not to pick a fight with anyone
      ye la kan.. sini kan macam strict, pape sket sue je memanjang haha
      lg plak i tak sure if it’s fine to take photos of the public – dlm tube, cannot, kat Canary Wharf, no tripod since the police will come to u assuming u nak ketuk org or some sort of terrorist act lol
      tak pasal2 bersesi sial jawab hehehe

      kat Malaysia, amik gambar in public org pandang
      kat sini org buat dek aje haha
      so seriously, it’s so relaxing + comfortable taking photos here πŸ™‚

    • klo dkt Malaysia i mcm segan la plak haha
      but kan, it’s cool la street photography kat Malaysia cuz it’s different πŸ™‚
      i’d never have the guts to try this in Malaysia lol

      and yeah.. since we’ve seen/been too much of it, we tend not to think of it as something special anymore 😦
      i mean photographing people kat.. pasar tani hehe

      try it. it’s fun! and so mencabar! lol (not that u can stop in the middle of the crowd, utk cari posisi – totally won’t work)
      well.. what i got in mind was.. none of my photos will make it haha ie there might be none of decent photos πŸ˜›
      but then, not bad la

  2. Seriously Saffa suka giler the photos. Haha. Suma Saffa suka. Eceh.. Tapi kan. Memang Saffa suka. The colours n the lighting. Gambar ni cam menonjol!

    Adjust aperture eyh? ke photoshop? Sebab.. cam.. entah la.. Subjek dia macam menonjol gila n the rest are a bit blur! n Saffa paling suka gambar kedua last tu!

  3. wah! agak lebih kurang sama gak yea pasar dia org. huhhu

    tak der ke pasar jual ayam ke, lembu ke, ikan ke kat situ ek? huhuhhu

    psst: satay tak der ke dijual di situ? hehhehee

  4. Hi Adila, you sure brought back memories. Yes, I remember Petty coat lane, Soho, Covent gdns, Nottinghill,….love Hyde Park speakers corner.

    But you know what I miss most? Eating fish & chips from old newspapers, the smell of that white vinegar on cod and roe….macham nampak dua bulan.

    Ahhh, and sitting upstairs on the busses passing Oxford street and Regent street….admiring SYT’s at Picadilly circus……
    Have fun, Adila…..Lee.

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