Cuti2 Alor Star~


… I’m a bit off today, so just enjoy the photos 🙂

This was written during the weekend
Remember I wrote in my entry before that I went to Alor Star Tower the day of my flight back to London? well, I finally finished editing the photos haha – the photos are already up on facebook album: Jalan2 Alor Star

About the tower… well, the ticket is pretty cheap I suppose; RM6 for adult, RM3 for children. I went there with my bro hehe. Kagum plak he can put up with me, because I obviously tawaf that tower 3-4 times, pretty much a few hours la jugak I spent there hehe

It’s pretty crappy inside; with way too much grills which makes it hard to get nice photos. If you just want to enjoy the scenery and burn it inside your mind, it’s fine 🙂

But seriously.. the grills are really annoying – well, I understand that they don’t want to risk another person committing suicide from that height. I still feel disappointed as it was hard to get decent photo. The window.. or whatever you call it as, it’s blurry and yellowish – macam tak penah tukar sejak menara ni ada

Kedah Maju 2010? hrrrmmmmm~
better try and maintain what they already have now rather than do something new and let the old one look rusty and such. Personally, I’d say that it’s not attractive at all inside the tower 😛



Here are some panoramic photos that I took
Too bad I missed some spots, thus I can’t combine all photos or make it 360 degrees of Alor Star 😦
oh well, next time la 😀

p/s: I might want to do 360 degrees of London from the Monument – *cough* 70-300mm lens would be awesome 😀
oh well, I sure will go around London again like a tourist during summer as I don’t think I’m going back to Malaysia after my exams… might be back in middle/end of July. Well.. that would depend 🙂
There are a few places/buildings that I want to go and take photos of but not anytime soon as it’s getting busier these days 😦

Malaysia got it’s own charm and so does London 😛

Here goes some photos hehe. These photos are heavily edited (some aren’t) – I changed it to HDR, combining several photos to make a good panorama photo, and tweak in photoshop to get the fisheye effect using wrap tool hehe








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  1. waaah!! pocket dah jumpa blog yg menarik disini,
    trus tanpa kebenaran tuan nyer pon, pocket nak link kan
    kat ToMyPocket bleh?
    Salam perkenalan.. pocket yg dtg lompat sini dari Cheryna Pirez nyer blog.

    suka gambar yg anda amik,
    seriously walaupun rumah kat kedah, tp tak pernah naik pun tower alor star tu lg, amat lah tak setia-kedah kan ..:(

    • salam perkenalan 😀

      boleh, sy pun link kan balik ye 😀

      pegi la naik menara tu 😀
      xramai org pun hehe
      lg plak xsemua negeri ada menara, kira special la alor star ni hihih
      best woo jadi tourist kat negeri sendiri
      sy xsempat nak tour lebih2 psl time bln puasa hari tu malas nak jalan2 hehehehe
      lps raya je gedix nak jln2 hooo~

  2. hehehe…pocket is here already? he posted before me ek…hmm…tak aci!

    nice pix…it makes me wonder whether i was overreacting when my ex (who is from alor star) bragging about the tower. huhuuuu…i think i should apologize:)

  3. he said,” u should go sayang…there’s nothing like it in seremban. i mean, my hometown in nicer than yours, of course….” while he gave me that wicked grin as always.

    of course i would say, “eleeh…fron that not so nice hometown of mine, there is a girl who have to be your companion all the time kan? why not finding her in kedah?!”

    he said, “because the tower has no gender, that’s why.”


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