Snap snap awaaaaay~


First of all, Happy Diwali! 😀 hantar la maruku to London ehe~
Secondly.. well, it feels like forever since I last write an entry.. or even blog hopping. It seems like I mostly can do so once a week; during weekend as I’m trying to concentrate more on my studies 🙂

…I’ll stop ranting as I can go on and on if I start now haha. Let’s just say.. final year is hard
It’s tough and totally different than before. It’s more of.. do it yourself and nobody give a damn if you don’t want to do it – but you’re so gonna regret it later on

Anyway here are some group photoshoot that I took yesterday
I’m not in the pictures as I’m so tense aka always have the nyanyi negaraku pose hehe

[edit] lookie it’s ME! haha – thanks Aaron! 😀

I went to MSoc Freshers’/Raya Dinner yesterday 😀 and did the photoshoot there as I haven’t been touching.. I mean playing with my Niko during the weekdays – sangat gian!! hahahaha!!

It was my first ever group photoshoot 🙂
Usually I do individual photoshoot; it sure is tough taking group photos as I’m pretty bad is social skills aka communication skills as well lol
A few more practices I might be able to do things better 🙂 Do bear with me and my tak reti nak direct people atm~ and owh, my uni sure is a pretty place 🙂 A lot of places to take photos at

More photos can be seen here: facebook album: Dr. Models kyaaa~ photogenic people 😀





Second location.. hehe seems like there’s gonna be a lot of pictures~






p/s: I don’t like taking indoor pictures haha too high ISO = noise. In these, mostly it’s either 800, 1600 or Hi. Ridiculous noise at 1600/Hi. Need to find noise remover! Any advice? or tips? Any settings you’d like to share? I’m such a beginner in this 🙂

Oh, I still don’t mind taking indoor photos 😀 A good practice nevertheless (if only can try external flash *hint hint*) 😛 hahahaha!

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    • you mean my sis shoes hehe 😛

      Deepavali in UK.. well, to tell the truth, I didn’t go out in the morning/lunch hour; so pretty much I missed out the colourful sari 😀

      a few years ago, I did managed to see.. well more like took a glimpse of what Deepavali was like here, near my uni
      people wore their traditional clothes – seriously macam bollywood! cantik!! the sari la hehe and there were a lot of them along the road 😀

      other things that they did… I don’t have a clue lol
      I’m not sure if any of my friends celebrate Deepavali

  1. wow! it really awesome girl. huhuhu

    erk! regarding advice for snapping pics.. errr.. I good in sighting pictures (perhaps) but not in photo shooting.. huhhu

    no skill lorrr.. huhuhu

    • hehehe no worries, we do look alike i guess
      my friends ramai yg tegur my sis cuz they thought it’s me haha

      familiar? pernah terserempak kot sblm ni 😀

    • wslm 😀

      aha! silent reader appeared! hehe
      salam perkenalan jugak 😀

      welcome to this.. well.. way too much photos blog lol hehe
      hopefully i wont bore you with photos ehe~

    • hehehe in Malaysia, my sis and i rarely get that
      i mean, people easily can tell us apart

      it’s pretty funny now cuz when we stand next to each other, usually people will look twice! hahahaha!!
      priceless!!! *gelak guling2*

  2. Hi Adila, fantastic photos, like a pro! Outstanding shots and love the colours.
    Re external flash, I use flash even in bright sunlight especially when taking human beings, the female species, to ehlak shadows or too much light.

    You’re doing just great with what you have….
    and remember, it is not the camera, it is the photographer.
    Some of the World’s most beautiful photographs taken was wayyyy back in the ’40’s and 50’s.
    And even today with latest technology nobody can emulate those photographs.

    My spare camera is 35 years old, 50mm lens, and when I show the portrait shots I took, my friends thought taken with latest digital camera.
    Told them the camera older than some of them. Lee.

    • well said. i totally agree w Uncle Lee

      Adila, i was wondering, what type of len u’re using for this photoshoot btw?

      and regarding the tips for indoor photography, honestly i dont really like indoor y’know. cus i dont really like using flash although it is the external one. kurang suka la.. hehe. i suka lagi playing w available light. 🙂 tapi external flash, cool la jugak.

      anyway, i like the concept. it looks cool.. and tak la bila thought of medic student mesti ingat nerd pose je hehe..

      … last but not least, I agree w you. photography nie especially portrait sgt2 membantu to develop ur communication skills. seriously! cus i experienced it .. 🙂

      • I was using the kit lens; 15-55mm haha
        I rarely take my 70-300mm with me unless it’s a planned, architecture shoot 🙂

        I’d like to try 50mm tho since mine is f/3.5? or something.. I can’t remember hehe

        yess!! available light is the best! hehe
        but would be nice to play with external flash.. well for the sake of trying haha – psl kalau ada external flash, nanti nak pulak reflector la etc etc haha
        kering poket mcm ni adesss~

        communication skills? 😀 yess!!
        I have a habit of tak bercakap haha
        pelik2 btul
        but then obviously need to communicate with the others especially if want to get good photos 😀
        so yeah it’s all good

        wheeeee~ I love photography! haha

    • thanks Uncle Lee 😀
      I wanted to try the external flash before deciding to get one.. well, I just got into portraiture only lately 🙂

      I still need to belajar how to mengarah the models to pose and how to make them look stunning 😀
      Uncle Lee is already a master in this 😀

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