World of MY OWN


It’s already the 4th week since my classes started
I’m still been busy with my project; reading reading and more reading
well, I sort of was at my edge yesterday; the stress had totally taken over me but phew I’m now back on my feet πŸ™‚ and I am glad that I didn’t do anything stupid either haha

Oh well… I need to deal with this and hopefully I’ll get through this year just fine, insyaAllah πŸ™‚

I went out to Central London earlier (after going to just uni-home for the past 3 weeks) to find some books at Foyles but unlucky me, none of the books that I wanted are in stock 😦 Then, I went to HMV as I’ve been wanting a headphone since last year
I googled a bit before, and wanted to get Skullcandy recruit mix but the colour that I wanted wasn’t available to I got myself a Philips shl 8800

I do want a customize headphone, but.. well, it’s expensive! If I ever lose my mind one day and go for it, I’d like to order from Bobsmade πŸ™‚
Do check her works out! I totally adore her stuffs!

But anyway, I love my new headphone πŸ™‚ It’s the lurrrrve! Totally giving out the world of my own effect! haha – if that make sense, if not.. well ignore this. I’ve gotten insane πŸ™‚

Seriously.. it’s the coolest thing ever! It sounds awesome!! and it looks good as well! haha even though it’s a bit over my budget lol
I totally recommend it!
Anyway, that put a smile on my face after I nearly cry my heart out the day before haha – yes I am such an emo kid πŸ˜› I’m bad in dealing with stress
I’m back being happy for now πŸ˜€ (or so I think)

I pretty much been looking like that whenever I’m in the library. Err emo? 😐

Aaaanyway, since I wasted some time going out, obviously I took my Niko with me πŸ˜€ – half day is gone doing nothing much but at least that lifted up my spirit πŸ™‚ yay!

A few shots of the day πŸ™‚ And again.. I’m still trying out portraiture




I’ve come to realize that photography has become part of me πŸ˜›
I was crazy over photoshop before this (mainly digital art) but now, whenever I feel a bit off, a few hours fooling around with my camera could bring me back to my senses haha



And finally.. last photo πŸ™‚
3 different locations (sort of) but I’m combining all of it into 1 post haha


Now, back to study stuffs! Play2 is during next weekend pulak πŸ™‚ Playtime for this week is over!

p/s: I sure can write hundreds of words in my blog; but it’s hard to write a few lines in my Project Specification report! *faint*

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  1. nice pix dear! and nice jacket (i wish i’m thin again but god knows how much have increased my weight)

    hmmm…btw, there’s nothing wrong of continuing this photography thing. who knows, you can do something you like besides doing the job for earning in future. that’s very hard to do, you know. some people don’t even know what they like.

    take care:)

    • thanks πŸ™‚
      well.. the thing with photography is, it’s costly lol
      there’s always accessories that i want to get haha
      but then.. heck care!
      i’d prefer to starve so that i could buy what i want lol haha at least it made me happy πŸ™‚

  2. Kalau kak tie terserempak dengan Adila dengan hooded jacket tu , mesti kak tie takut. Nampak garang laa.. Lebih2 lagi kalau bawak kapak atau parang, dah tentu kak tie terus cabut lari, hihi…

    Gambar2 kakak adila tu memang cantik. Tahniah!

  3. tingin betul amek gambar potrait..model model model.. :p

    ps: sound quality utk hphone tu best x? klau sbb design ja mahal, bek bli yg audiophile pnya headphone~ πŸ˜€

    • haha i always hv my sis to model for me πŸ˜› huahahahah

      sound quality mmg mantaps!
      i’m pretty clueless about music, but seriously, that headphone, you can hear every beat

      mmg gila la klo dgr music haha

      but then, aku rasa pun psl design dia, dia up by GBP10 drpd yg lain2 haha
      lg plak aku beli menda2 camni bila dah lingkup, so I guess, ok la spent a bit πŸ™‚

  4. OMG! IT’S AWESOME! Saffa suka potraiture. Semua gaya tu cam memang biasa for potraiture. Tapi yang duduk atas kerusi tu memang unexpected. TAK PERNAH TERFIKIR PUN!
    Thumb Up! XD

    Kak Adila, Saffa tengah fikir ni. Nak ambik D3000 over D60. Okay tak? Tapi Saffa still tak berapa faham apa kelebihan D3000 ni over d60. Still buat research lagi ni.

    • hahahaha thanks πŸ˜€

      sy ade bace sket psl d3000 ni
      mcm sama ngan d60 je?
      xsure la ape kelebihan d3000 ni

      d3000, white balance ade 12 modes (d60 ada 8 modes)
      lcd d3000 besar sket, 3″ (d60 2.5″)
      playback function lg byk dr d60
      battery life pjg sket dr d60
      n.. ringan sket dari d60 (body same bentuk aka kecik)

      so in short, xde la byk beza pun
      cmer diorg tambah sket2 je
      bg sy la kan.. xde beza pun

      harga d60 lg mahal dr d3000
      heran gak wakakaka
      tp klo nak yg baru, xmo yg outdated cpt try la d3000 πŸ™‚
      klo saffa leh dpt good deal utk d60, ok gak
      try cucuk2 org jual tu soh kasi sd extra ke, battery ke, tripod ke haha

      klo xsure yg mane, try tanye tokeh tu mane yg ramai org bli, n komplen org psl d60 or d3000 tu πŸ™‚
      sy nak ckp psl d3000 pun xtau psl xpenah tgk or guna hehe,1229-ca88cdad9e

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