YOU!!!! *censored*


p/s: I’m not mad to anyone πŸ˜€ nor did I curse at anyone… lately haha so the title of this post is just a gimmick lol

I was chatting with my mom earlier and I told her that I’m meeting my project supervisor today (because I got some confusion by now regarding my project haha) and my mom was saying..

mom: nanti bila cakap, cakap jgn garang sgt
mom: jgn marah supervisor tu pulak
mom: tu ingatkan cik……
mom: kut nanti cik hot kat supervisor tu pulak

Then, I was chatting with a friend of my on ym and he was sort of saying the same thing:

flava zahrul: wey
flava zahrul: soalan cepumas
flava zahrul: ko still garang mcm dulu ek

and maza
maza: hang kan panas baran gak.. sat lagi terlebih minyak kat muka ka, kat lengan ka.. habis rentung satu bilik tu kang.. dgn hang dan org yg hang dok marah sekali jadi hitam legam.. berjelaga

I’m guilty as said! haha
I got a really bad temper; especially as I’m pretty much not in the best mood lately (gotten a bit too stress!) – but as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t blew it up on anyone… err yet hehe
but hey, to be told that 3 times in a day… hrmmmm~ haha not that I feel offended or anything
It’s just that.. it got me wonder, are you afraid of me? I mean, afraid of upsetting me, maybe?
So.. am I that fierce? lol

Pretty interesting to know what do you think of me
Anyone would like to voice out their thoughts? hehe

Anyway, here are some photos of flowers which I took a few days before.. raya maybe? hehe I can’t recall. I still haven’t finish post processing photos that I took of Alor Star from Alor Star Tower on the day of my flight back to London 😦

There are no new photos that I took lately. It’s been raining like crazy in London for the past few days, so I can’t really go out taking photos of flower.. in which, there are these beautiful flowers in my uni which caught my attention earlier as I was passing by to go to my classes earlier haha sempat lagi pulak nak usya bunga time nak kejar2 gi class

Let see if it’s going to be sunny this weekend πŸ™‚ If so, I might have a chance taking photos of those absolutely stunning flowers πŸ™‚

Anyway here goes some photos πŸ˜€

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  1. a picture of ixora, nice….and your lecturers should be proud of your inquisitive nature:)

    dear, have you seen any daffodil over there? i really want to see it:( can’t wait for your updates!

    the garang part will be there when you’re still young but trust me…you will tone down a bit when u grow older. i used to be “garang” too…but now i’m a bit mellow (hate that word!!!)

  2. Betul kata Sha tu…

    Darah muda ni memang garang. Kak tie dulu garang, penyangkut baju di rumah ni banyak yang patah, selalu rotan anak2. Tapi sekarang dah lembik. Jiwa amat sensitif…

    Garang pun biar bertempat. Kekadang, sifat garang boleh menyelamatkan diri sendiri…

    • ekekeke~
      susah la kalo xleh control marah
      sy klo mradang, kengkadang klo sy tak sound trus, sy diam aje kasi org yg sy bengang tu sakit hati bila sy tak respond kat dia wakkakakaka

      xbes la marah2
      buat sakit hati aje 😦
      hidup mau hepi2 aje boleh? hehe

  3. Cek orangnya lemah lembut ja..

    tapi sekali sekala cek bagi terus melingkup kat org yg penghangat kat cek.. wakakak

    uiks. hang boh nama cek yg real punya ka? aderrkkkk…
    karang org berebut lak nak berkenalan dgn cek!~ wink! wink! wink!..


  4. Ha ha.. tersingkap nama sebenor Abg Maza kita.. Dia sebut di sini ni, sure u tak mintak izin publish kan?
    Btw, you back @ your very best – cantik gambar tu. Of course the flowers itself makes the photo more lively and beautiful tp credit must goes to the photographer for choosing the best object and angle. Teringat arwah atuk punya pokok bunga dulu.. sihat2 cam tu.

    • lalala~ haha
      dah tukar πŸ˜€

      thanks πŸ˜€
      i think.. i’m obsess over amik gambar bunga haha
      tak sabar nak tunggu summer again πŸ˜€
      then only byk bunga2
      skrg pun tgh byk lagi, tapi.. hujan la pulak nak amik gambar pun 😦

      best kan if got a lot of flowers around us?
      sedap mata memandang πŸ˜€

  5. Macam tak percaya jer Kak Adila yang comel ni garang.

    Actually, Saffa pun ‘garang’ jugak. Cepat jer MARAH orang. =.=”

    Dua tiga hari lepas.. Saffa baru jer balaja nak shoot macro nih! sblm ni tak reti.. =.=” Tapi pakai lens biasa jer! =P

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