On your mark, get set… DASHHHH!!!


I’m still recovering from my flu, pretty much I feel much better than I was 3-4 days ago 🙂
No more fever, no more marathon runny nose, no more sore throat 🙂 but I still sound weird when I talk haha and I’m still coughing (batuk2 pun still kedarah kuih raya Almond London.. tak sedar diri betul!)
It’s the flu season here; everyone.. well most people are sick these days 😦

Anyway, I’m in a rather good mood now as the NS2 – network simulation installation finally went well 😀 and it works fine.. for now haha
It really took a while to install and validate 😦 which took the whole day of yesterday. It all worth it 🙂


Now I need to do a lot of reading since I’m pretty blur about all those haha and start writing up my Project Specification 😀 – I’m thinking of heading to the library as the internet speed there is faster than at home haha 😛

Anyway, I’ve been talking about project, project, project. I even dream about my project matters when sleeping which is starting to annoys me lol. Oh well.. 🙂 bear with it haha

Aaaanyway, since I’m sort of rambling/ranting about whatsoever stuffs, here are some photos that I took on the day I arrived in London after going to the MSD Open House thingy

These photos are on my facebook and also deviantArt

Let me know what you think 😀 (or if you think I’ve put way too much photos in one post – or too large)
Hopefully there’s gonna be more portrait photos soon 😀


Model: Dina

Photographer: Noradila Nordin

Location: Rahere Court, London








p/s: sis tengah masak nasi lemak for LUNCH! yes lunch! wheeeeee~

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  1. the pix is awesome! it’s just that you need to match up your handbag a bit. it’s not necessarily have to be purple , it can be any colour from your pario. from the photography point of view, it’s fabulous:)

    and with a great model like you, i’m sure there’ll be lots of guys who’ll be drooling over this pix:)
    * i vote for the 1st pix!

    • the green handbag match with the green outline on the baju kebaya hehe which doesn’t really stand out lol

      p/s : it’s my sis haha. i can’t pose in front of the camera without looking like i’m going to sing negaraku lol hahaha!

  2. Mula2 kak tie ingat Adila tadi, rupa2nya kakak Adila…

    Rupa hampir sama laa.. cuma Adila lagi comel dan chubby, waaakakaa… jangan marah dong!! Makan almond cookies banyak2, ya…..

  3. ADILA, HOLY SMOKE! Where were you when I was sending out my resumes? Ha ha. You look…..nanti ya…I think of a suitable word…
    nanti….nanti….Adila, if you were to hold a bouquet of a dozen red roses in front of your mirror, you will see 13.

    You look simply, alluringly sensational….Wow! Talk about traffic stopper looks! No wonder I read big traffic jam at Regent street, couple of cars hantam back of those London buses, ha ha.
    Your pics macham looking at Vogue magazine…..
    You’ll look good even with a $5.00 camera Adila.

    Okay, before I kelentang kelentung book a ticket to London….
    re your cough….if you by chance come across a Chinese medicine store, maybe at Soho?
    Go ask for this herbal tea, made in Ipoh, Perak, called ‘Hor Yan Hor’….yes, I know, sounds like Tarzan calling for Cheetah….
    Its cheap. Drink it when hot, 2 cups, two days, and your voice as good as Madonna again. Try it….
    same time jangan lupa the red lipstick, *wink*.

    Get well soon….and you stay beautiful, Lee.

    • that’s my sis la Uncle Lee haha 😛
      I’m so awkward in front of a camera; so I can only work behind the camera lol
      I’m not sure why even though I do wish I could relax in front of a camera~

      Oh well ^^
      Taking photos is my thing rather than pose for pictures haha

      and yes, red lipstick coming up soon 😀
      that’s next to my must shoot subject haha

      and oh.. i think i’ve read that.. should i say pick up line? before this hahahaha 😛

      your comment sure made my day
      i was laughing my heart out!

  4. Hi Adila, OOOOPS! Da tengok salah, but hey….sisters all look alike. So I bet you also another cause for traffic jams, ha ha.

    By the way, I am a portrait photographer, my hobby…and nobody is ‘awkward’ in front of a camera….babies, yes.
    But it is the photographer who has to relax you first of all.

    I use up 3 to 5 rolls of film to shoot my models, mostly matured women, isteri kawans, or ikawan isteri.
    I will chat, tease, joke, maybe if old friend tell a very light blue joke, get her to senyum, or laugh….maybe spend 10 minutes, but all the time I behave like a cowboy gunslinger with my jurassic Nikon at the ready.

    Then when she laughs, or blushes and smiles, I go rapid fire, 6 kliks in 6 seconds.
    Thus I use up 2 to 3 rolls per portrait shoot. Then select the best….

    And Adila, it is not you….it is the photographer. It is not the camera. It is the photographer always.
    With you I bring 6 rolls, *wink*, ha ha.
    Have fun, Lee.

  5. saje nak komen sket psl gambar2 tu.

    model kena praktis senyum yang cute2. awat pakai kain kalerful sgt? mcm pelik tapi unik.

    lighting camne? ada pakai portable ke?

    • ekeke pelik ke?
      xpe la.. abstract haha

      lighting guna natural lighting je 😦
      nasib baik ada tingkap dekat2 situ 😀
      klo tak sure gelap gelita hehe
      xde duit nak bli external flash haha

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