I’m down with a flu 😦 Good thing that it’s just a normal flu
I was worried myself as the time I got the flu, it was only my 3rd day in London
So I called the National Pandemic Flu phoneline (0800 151 3100) just to be on the save side

I was told that I got complication from flu and was given an authorisation number to take the antiviral from the nearby hospital.


I’m glad that I don’t have any classes on Thursday; which is today. If not, I might have to skip it as I was told to stay at home until my body temperature becomes normal again. I’m hoping that I’ll be alright to go to classes tomorrow πŸ™‚

I have a lot of things to do (including writing my final year project Project Specification) which is due next Friday, research on the project; NS2, knowing tcl, labVIEW as the front end etc etc
I went to see my supervisor yesterday, so pretty much I got the rough idea about my project now. Hopefully I could remember what he told me before when I’m writing the Project Specification.

I’m actually trying to install NS2 through Cygwin right now haha
It didn’t finish since a few days ago 😦 I’m hoping it will today. It always got stuck after 1% done

I miss my carefree life where when I got sick, the only thing I’d do is sleep
But now? I can sleep, but I’d have restless sleep as I will think of the things that need to be done 😦
Either way, I need more rest πŸ™‚

Flu go away please!
Man.. I got sick at the busiest time ever! 😦
Hopefully everyone is in good health πŸ™‚

p/s: I feel like having nasi lemak lol. Big appetite for someone who’s sick eh? haha

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  1. aduuuiii…u feel like eating nasi lemak at this time dear? i heard it’s very expemsive over there. is that right?

    i hope u’ll take care, okay.
    pls, even if u’re busy…ur health comes first:)

  2. get well soon adila.. amin!

    and jangan mengeluh diberikan kesakitan.. sesungguhnya kesakitan yg Allah beri tu boleh cover dosa-dosa kecil kita! πŸ˜‰

  3. Ooo….kak tie harap flu tu tak serious…

    Ni, kak tie nak tanya… ada apa2 berita dari Sayyid ke ? Kak tie tak pasti dia study kat mana, sebab pelajar perubatan di Padang tu dihantar pulang kerana gempa bumi tu… Bimbang pulak, Sayyid tu menyepi je…

    • Sayyid dah balik Malaysia
      ade kwn sorg ckp smalam, dia jumpa Sayyid tu πŸ˜€

      p/s : Sayyid masuk paper tau tak? haha kat berita harian, page yg ada muka budak2 Malaysia yg dihantar balik tu πŸ˜€

      • Ooo…ye ke ?

        Kak tie tak perasan pulak kat paper tu.. kak tie selalu baca paper online je.. nak jimat, ekekeke…

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