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Soccer.. GOALLL!


Soccer? Football? I’d say football instead of soccer 😛
That reminds me.. I’ve never watch American Football 😦 – apart from the anime version lol

Anyway, yesterday I went for a photoshoot 😛 of the Malaysian Society in my uni football club
I used to take sports photography before, (FootBOLA) so I’m alright with it (err I guess?) Yesterday was my 2nd time in it 🙂 haha sports photography is pretty interesting even though I don’t play any sports

Anyway, some photos 🙂
As usual, it’s in my facebook album : QMMSoc FC
Most of the photos were taken using my 70-300mm lens, it is scary as when I zoom in to snap, it seems like the ball is rolling towards me HAHAHAHA!!














A Tourist once AGAIN!


Would you rather listen.. I mean read my rant or see a lot of photos? 😛
I bet you’ll choose the later

Anyway, as Uncle Lee suggested, I went out today, Sunday, as things gone worse yesterday
I couldn’t complete any of my work; there’s always something that won’t work right; ie some error in my tcl script, I can’t install LabSQL, it can’t find winVNC, I can’t try out database, etc etc 😦 It is so frustrating!

As the weather was so lovely today, sis and I went for markets tour 😛
We only went to 2 markets, Petticoat Lane Market and Spitalfield Market; only remembered about Brick Lane Market when we were on our way home lol – too late anyway hehe

We also went to Kings Cross/St Pancras station to find the Harry Potter uhh.. platform? whatever it was, it has been ages since I last watch Harry Potter hehe – too bad we didn’t find it as we went there without googling the exact place where it would be lol. Maybe next time 🙂

And.. we were around Paddington for a bit (yes yes photoshoot!) because there’s this Malaysian restaurant – Bonda that I’ve been wanting to go for Malaysian food hehe

But anyway, our main plan was to go to those markets 😀

Well.. to put it simple, those markets are like.. pasar tani back in Malaysia hehe – without the fishes, meat sections 😛 they sell cheap clothes, rejected clothes(?) I guess as they were saying those clothes are from House of Fraser, New Look, Selfridges, etc.. those kind of brands

Anyway, there’s always something special about those markets than normal pasar tani 😛 Like.. at Petticoat Lane, there are a lot of laces 😛 well.. those laces are a bit different than what I have in mind. It’s like.. super heavy lace? I mean the fabric is heavy and it looks like tablecloth hehe – no offense intended



Since it was kind of packed and I’m not sure if it’s okay to take photos of the public, I had my camera around my neck and snap these photos without looking through the viewfinder haha
I randomly pressed on the shutter release button when I feel like it ehe~
Not bad eyh? 😛

So, here goes some photos of Petticoat Lane Market







And finally.. the only photo of Spitalfield Market hehe

We’ve just started daylight savings time fall back today; which means we have an hour extra (not really); so I should really be doing my work now as I had fun going out 🙂
Photoshoot pictures will be posted in the next entry 😛

Going out sure was the right thing to do 🙂
At least, I don’t feel as depressed as I was before lol



Edit: WOHOOO!!! it’s SUNNY!! even though it’s a bit cloudy at time (envying the people whom enjoying the sun from the library window 😦 while I need to finish up with stuffs)


I’m feeling a bit better right now, so I’ll try not to bore you with my depressing talk 😛 haha
To tell the truth, things aren’t looking that good 😦 I’m still struggling with my project, coursework and obviously to catch up with my lectures. At one time, I feel like I can do this; but at other time.. it’s so depressing! It’s much depressing when I thought that I understood it but it turned out that it wasn’t that expected.. to make it worse.. when there’s someone out there who’s better than me and got everything right haha *yes yes it’s envy!*
That’s like.. kena pijak sampai penyek right at that spot! ouchiieeeee!!

Well.. there’s nothing else that I can do apart from just go all out and try my best! 🙂
I managed to survive before, why not do it again? 😀
So with that, I guess I’m backing up from joining my uni photography society 😦 and also from some expo/meet up that I wanted to go – I’m still thinking if I’m going for the London devMeet on the 31st.. I think? hehe I’m giving up on going for Anime Convention

I need more time for myself; so that I can enjoy what I’m doing 🙂

Just for the lolz, a few days? weeks? ago I changed my ym display picture again and the response? got me laughing hard! – well, I do look super blur in the pic haha
but the main thing is.. look at the background ain’t that a pretty place? 🙂

tw: asal pic ko sume nk muka masam
tw: kasik la pic senyuman

AA: ceyez nya muka
AA: takut

fz: amboi akak garang la

*giggles* I’m making my sour face as my trademark 😛 because.. well, I feel weird when I smile
or.. maybe I’m just revealing my so-called dark side haha yeah right

Anyway, I know that I’ve been rambling the same thing in a lot of my posts lately hehe
Whoopsie~ the stress is getting to me; seriously! 😦
Bear with me, or if not.. well just enjoy the photos that I took 🙂 I will include photos in my entry 😉

Photography is my source of happiness… well for a bit, yeah haha
I went to my uni last Sunday I think.. just because the evening was lovely! The sun was out, the weather was just nice! (apart from it was a bit cold *shrugs*)

echo “London is always raining!”
echo “On $(date) it rained AGAIN!”

I guess I got that right haha. Unix, anyone? 😛
I’ve been trying to feed myself with ns2, labVIEW, tcl, awk, unix, matLAB and might go for sql or access if I have too 🙂
It’s sort of a bit too much to handle at a time haha but then… I’ll survive through this! ❤
Interesting stuffs, seriously! 😀

Anyway, some macro photos that I took in uni 🙂
I’ve gotten rusty in taking flower pictures haha
as usual, these photos are in my facebook album: Macro







I like the last one even though it’s far from perfection 🙂
There are a few roses near my uni library.. maybe gonna take photos of it during the weekend 😀

p/s: urgh I’m not looking forward to winter 😐 it’s already cold enough 😦 winter means rain. bleeehh~