Independent.. AM I?


I miss waking up every morning, seeing my parents face
I miss being woken up not by the alarm clock, but woken up by my mom
I miss having breakfast with my family; eat all you can and laugh like crazy at the dining table
I miss waking up early every weekdays, to drive my bro to school
I miss my car.. well my parents car to be exact hehe
I miss Malaysian food; where I can just go out for a drive to find any kind of food that I want

Most of all..

I miss my family
huwaaaaa~ I want my mommy!! my daddy!! my baby bro!! 😦
I still want to be spoiled!!
Everything is about being responsible once I’m back in London 😦
Can’t I still be a kid?

Monday, 28 September 2009

— Main building

First day of uni, first class started at 2 pm and ended at nearly 4 pm. That was my only class for the day haha. My timetable is pretty relaxing for this week; might have a lot of labs or self work aka final year project which will be included in the timetable by next week or so. So, it’s not that relaxing at all hehe

Anyway, I had a horrible day. Why?
1. Swipe card not working
Well, first of all, my swipe card to get into my flat is not working. It’s a normal thing as they usually change or reprogram the card every year. But, what pissed me off was the office wasn’t open earlier! It was written that the office should be opened at 1.30 pm until 5 pm! Good thing I didn’t go out earlier as if I do, then I can’t get inside again. So, when I got home after class, not being able to get inside, I had to call my sis to let her know and was lepaking in the library waiting for my sis to finish her class/hospital. She finished an hour and a half later 🙂

2. Books that I want is not available.. not even the CD!
The library is still having some changes. Pretty much it will be done by.. next week was it?
But anyway, it seems cool now with new stuffs such as the self service borrowing and returning books. It’s hard to explain, but.. well it’s more high tech than before, that’s for sure!

The book that I wanted is on loan; hopefully I could get it by next week 😦 They have a copy of the book in a CD but then, the CD counter is not yet available, so I can’t take it out 😦

3. Can’t log in at the department lab computers
I got the you’re not allow to logon at this time or something kind of message. I’m hoping that it will get sorted out by the end of this week since I just remembered to enroll myself only today! duh~
So I guess, it must be because I haven’t officially registered, that’s why the system kicks me out lol

4. The student webpage is acting up
I remembered getting an email saying that for my final year project, my supervisor has already claimed me (which mean he agreed on me). But, when I checked earlier, it was not there!
I’ll remember to email them again asking if I got dropped or something.. but either way, I’m meeting my supervisor this Wednesday so I’ll ask him about it 🙂

5. Printer at home nearly out of ink
As I can’t logon in the department computers, I can’t use the printers there 😦
I wonder if they reduce the printing credit for this year. I only got GBP24 when I think it should be more as last year I still got a balance of GBP20+. As far as I remember, they will add in GBP15 for each semester, but I might be wrong as my department is having some changes since summer break 😦

I only managed to print out today’s note, but I guess for tomorrow I’ll print it at the library. Gah! I need to topup my credit there 😦 Only got like.. 24 pence haha

6. I haven’t sort out my fee yet
I need to go to the fees office to finalize the fee that I need to pay as I got the uni scholarship (or so they named it as) and they didn’t deduct it yet when they send me the invoice. Hopefully it won’t be a long queue tomorrow morning 😦

A bad start for the new semester isn’t it? 😦 Hopefully tomorrow is going to be a better day 🙂

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Well.. my day has just gotten better (even though I don’t feel so good; please no flu! or fever!)

1. Swipe card problem is solved!
The office was opened earlier; got my card worked but then my sis card suddenly didn’t work lol. Good thing that I checked it when I got home; and luckily the office was still open at that time. So now, both cards are working w00t!

2. Fee
I woke up early today.. well, not that I can sleep anymore haha. So I went to the fees office at around 9.10 am; and now I know the amount that I need to pay 🙂 A lot less then GBP11 500 as they said in the invoice 😀

Now I only need to figure out how to pay them as, if I do a bank transfer, there’s a limit on how much money can I transfer to them and if exceeded the amount for a day, they’ll charge me. Boooo I’m stingy, no way I want to pay for the charge haha 😛
Oh boy! I really need to figure the way out fast.. pay by check maybe? Ah! that should work 🙂 I need to pay it before the end of September which is tomorrow or I won’t be able to claim for another 2% off for paying in full.

3. Library
One of the book that I returned yesterday got stuck; pretty much it showed as if I still have the book. I went to the Helpdesk earlier and now it has been sorted out 🙂
It would be a nightmare if I’m being fined for a book that’s not with me haha

And.. another thing was; someone took the notes that I printed from the library printer. Damn! There goes my money 😦 Now I’m left with 12 pence in my credit lol

4. Final year project
I emailed my project coordinator earlier today telling that my student webpage doesn’t show my status as already got a supervisor for my project. He told me that I’ve been claimed and it’s just a problem with their database 🙂
Thank God! I thought I got dropped 😦 haha

— Engineering Building

I guess.. I’m already getting used to being away from home 🙂
Homesick? totally but not as bad as it was when the plane touched down haha
and.. I’m beginning to be able to concentrate in studying yay! study mode is here again! 🙂

Anyway, I need to do a bit of research now as I need to meet my supervisor tomorrow morning 🙂
Enterprise Network Simulation sure is an interesting topic. Well, I’ve just did a bit of reading about ns2 🙂 I’m not sure if everything is going to be alright, but obviously there’s no turning back now
I’ll do what I can 🙂

I’m hoping that for the rest of the week, my days will be better and better 🙂
It sucks to feel depress hehe

p/s: This sure sound like an online diary eyh? haha bear with it this time. I’ll update the next one with photos as I got 3 series done 🙂 where one of it I’ve edited, 2 more I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet

The photos in this entry are just snapshots of my university from my flat as today is such a lovely day 🙂 Yesterday was so gloomy lol

another p/s: I just realizes that the top searches that got people to my blog, when they search for.. logo 1 malaysia, http://www.batang mat saleh, ombak rindu free baca, penang panoramas, 1 malaysia

what the…??!!! this is a porn free blog HAHAHAHA!

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  1. Hi Adila, I know how you feel. I went thru the same experience once upon a time…London too.
    But just think of the day you will be returning home with your degree and making your family proud.
    Just have fun, not many can be in your place….
    Best regards, Lee.

  2. same here.. upon arrival to kl, luggage lupa pulak kat airport. nasib kawan my mum baik hati nak tolong ambikkan.. pastu bila nak pre-reg subject for next sem, takleh login pulak.. haih~

    i left my heart at home too adila!

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