I’ve just arrived here at Heathrow Airport at around 5.02 am local time. The flight was pretty ok; departed on time I think haha
My flight from Alor Star to KL was delayed; from 9.20 pm to 9.55 pm. That sucks 😦 I had to hurried to the gate as it was already the final call when my flight landed at KLIA; not that they’ll leave me though since I’ve already checked in hehe. I was actually planning to grab a pack of Famous Amos cookies; seems like tak kesampaian la as I straight away headed to the gate, need to pass the immigration and such after landing; how I wish KLIA is smaller haha
So, since I’ve been craving for cookies, I bought Millie’s cookies instead at Heathrow. Is there any Famous Amos freshly baked cookies around London? I need to google that up. I’m a big fan of Famous Amos 😀

Anyway, after arriving home, took a quick shower and went out for the MSD Raya thingy
This is what people say as hujan emas di negara orang, hujan batu di negara sendiri, lebih baik di negara sendiri err or something; it sounds weird now haha
But what I’m trying to say is, it was only 5 hours since I landed after the 14 hours flight and I’m already missing Malaysian food like crazy haha even though Malaysian food = resdung attack!!

There are still a lot of photos; but later la~
I’m feeling so jetlag right now as it’s already late night in Malaysia but it’s just afternoon/evening here in London haha
I guess.. I’ll head of to bed now anyway with hope I can still sleep at night lol
I have a class to attend tomorrow! Good thing my class is at 2 pm hehe; so I can sleep in for a bit more

Man.. I’m feeling the pressure already; project, exams, tests, gosh! 😦


My classes are highlighted in green
I got lazy to redo the timetable hehe; I’ll remember to recheck it again if there’s any changes tomorrow
Oh crap, I need to print the notes tomorrow before the class!

This is what happen when I’ve gotten way too long summer break; I’m not even in my study mode yet! 😦 gah!
I need a good night sleep; and hopefully will recover in a few days time 🙂

With that being said, good night people! 😀

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  1. adila sayang…
    your baju was marvelous!
    biru yang sangat cantik.

    nywayz, i checked the site and i found out that FA is from the states. kalau from UK, mesti senang cari kan?
    because sometimes things available in states, not available in uk. things available in uk, not available in states. just likes books.

    baca pasal famous amos, i still remember getting a package of famous amos cookies in a small red bus for xmas. the boss gave it to ALL staff:)

    enjoy london…pls update. i’m dying to read:)

    • ha’ah 😦
      I googled a bit early and was said that it’s hard to find FA here huwaaaaaaa~
      The kind of cookies here are the a bit lemau kind of thing lol; not that it’s lemau, but that’s just how the cookies here are haha. well.. that’s millie’s cookies lol

  2. Adoi laa…

    Napa begitu kejam tunjuk gambor2 makanan tu… kat sini kak tie masih tak puas makan2.. terpaksa balik rumah sebab budak2 dah start sekolah…

    Ooo… selamat study semula.. jangan berangan pulak !

  3. Good job, posting your timetable @ your blog. You really taking full advantage of your talent (photography) Adila. Kalau tertinggal TT, just browse your own blog and there you have it. LOL! Pandai.. no wonder U of London accepted u as their student.
    I can understand that u still feeling ‘raya kampung blues’- baguslah kalau selalu ingat kampung halaman wlpn dah lama di rantauan. Balik nanti join team 1Malaysia as one of the their engineer. All the best to you. Take care!

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