I Finally Met YOU


well.. my hati got berbunga after meeting my crushes gedik la! and a lot of my classmates/schoolmates 😀
hati berbunga2 dengan mekarnya woo lepas jumpa “old” crushes time kecik2 dulu haha tidur bertambah2 lena 😛

It all started with a text from my classmate, Arip since form 4, inviting me for his open house. I couldn’t make it as I had other plan and on the next day he called, and was saying that he hasn’t meet any of us since his raya break. I told him that I’m up for any reunion and he then texted me again to meet up on the next day.

As I didn’t have much time left in Malaysia, I was texting everyone on my list and asked them to forward the sms to people that they know who either used to be our classmates or schoolmates. The next day, nearly 20 people showed up and that, totally was a success! 😀 I was aiming for only about 10 people or so; but, the more the merrier, right? 😀 I had tons of fun and absolutely won’t mind arranging another one for next year insyaAllah 😀

The only thing is.. well, hopefully everyone can be punctual next time as Arip and I were the masterpiece in this reunion, so obviously I had to be on time. Other people actually showed up an hour later which pissed me off a bit. Only Pit Sam arrived sort of in time haha. But either way, I was so glad a lot of them did showed up 🙂

What we did was just chatting, eating, more chatting and it ended at nearly 5pm 🙂

our official class picture, form 5 Science 1, year 2005

official class picture, form 3 Agama 1, year 2003

us, now, 4 years later~ some of us haven’t been meeting since form 3, so that’s like.. 6 years later only we meet again 😀
I usually meet some of them every year 🙂

The next day, the group that I met at the reunion that Arip and I arranged, wanted to do another event. I was saying that I’m up for it haha. But then, I just realized that that meet up clashed with another reunion with my primary schoolmates. I knew that people won’t really be on time (haha! learn from experience~), so I went to meet my primary schoolmates first even though both meet up started at 3pm hehe.

They were meeting at my friend’s house; I was there from 3 to 4pm. Then, they wanted to go for a bit of raya tour but I needed to meet with my high schoolmates and settle some stuffs, ie buying stuffs to bring back to London 😦

To tell the truth, I haven’t meet my other primary schoolmates since standard 6! That is like.. for 9 years! I haven’t saw them or even heard of them in 9 years! WOAH! They changed a lot! 🙂 from looking so cute to macho guys + pretty girls 😛 Hopefully we’ll meet again next year 😀

our official class picture, 5 Bahagia, year 1999

our official class picture, 6 Bahagia, year 2000

us, now, 9 or 10 years later~

Can you tell who’s who? *giggles*

At 4pm, I drove to Pacific as I promised my friends to play bowling with them hehe. Well, it’s my last time playing bowling as I’m going back to London… tomorrow 😦
When I called them, they haven’t started playing yet haha! There were about.. 11 of us, 8 were up for bowling 🙂

I met another classmate of mine during high school there; which I haven’t really got in contact with 🙂 hrmmm… anyone know if Pak Tam got facebook? He was already on his way out as he had finished his game

Anyway, I wasn’t doing that bad in bowling yesterday! haha
Usually my score would be around.. 70-90.. yes I suck! 😛 I could only get nearly perfect score when playing wii bowling lol. Yesterday I got 107! w00t!

I totally had fun playing bowling with them even though I was expecting there were other girls that were coming! hehe oh well~ my high schoolmates are mostly guys anyway. I wonder how come takde sorang pun yang sangkut as my special someone? HAHAHA! I’m joking.. seriously! xD

I went home at nearly 6pm; the guys went for snooker haha. Next time teach me snooker! 😀

This year I really went to meet with a lot of my friends and teachers. It’s so AWESOMESAUSE!
I must say, I’m grateful that my summer break this year is until a week after raya; which gave me a few days of opportunity to meet up with my friends 🙂 Usually, I could only meet a few of them if my friends are back in Alor Star during the weekend or so~

To those whom I’ve already met, if I was being rude, or some of my jokes made you guys feel offended, I apologise. I’m hoping to meet you guys again next year, insyaAllah 😀 To those whom I promised to meet but I didn’t, I’m so sorry! especially my form 6 mates

Well.. I’m off to London again. Sayonara~
I need to finish packing and keep my laptop hehe. I’m sure going to miss Malaysia 😦

This year raya/reunion is the best ever! You guys rox!
Thanks for including me in a lot of you guys events, and for inviting me to a lot of open houses – even though I didn’t show up lol
Next year let’s do a 5 days back to back events! 😀

Now.. I need to get back into my study mode hehe~

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  1. so, are you going to maintain this blog once you’re in london?

    the “abang jambang” in your pix has changed a lot, hehe. i was looking at other pix and i found out that some has changed a lot:)
    from the cutie faces to more matured faces:)

    at last…u got to enjoy your raya, right?

    • I will 🙂 too bad I couldn’t meet even one blogger out of the internet haha. oh well~ there’s always next time ^^

      abg jambang? AHAHAHAHAAH i guess he kena berleter kot thus the change of appearance lol

      well.. it’s more like i enjoy going out haha

  2. Hello Adila, I really enjoyed looking at all the pics here.
    Its fun seeing, meeting old classmates again.
    And to see who, what everyone now doing.
    The pics are really beautiful too.
    You have fun and have a pleasant weekend, Lee.

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