Raya ke?


3 years of celebrating eid in London, celebrating this year in Malaysia didn’t seem that much different. Well, I lie if I say so haha but in terms of the my feelings, it wasn’t much different at all. Eid in Malaysia was not as what I expected it to be; not as fun as I remembered during I was still a kid. Before, I must say, I’d always look forward to eid because it would have this.. super festive feelings to it (plus everyone would gather, chit chatting, laughing, etc etc)

I might be taking it for granted as there are still a lot of Malaysian that could not be in Malaysia to celebrate eid with their family. But you know, I do feel that this eid is sort of disappointing. It wasn’t that bad.. but.. well, not as what I expected it to. Why? Let me write it in a clear way.

1. Extended family pictures are a MUST!
I’m not sure about you, but it’s sort of like a tradition in my family; or so I assume. Every year there would be a family picture, I’m not talking about my family picture, it’s the picture that have grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, etc etc.

This year? seems like no one actually care. No offense intended when I wrote this. I’m just saying it out loud. I brought down my tripod, that was a big hint. I had a family picture of mine, and that was just it πŸ™‚ Not sure if they did take a photo in the end while I was out… hrmm~

— I look fat.. err whatever!!!! haha

Duit raya session
On the first day of raya, we had bacaan tahlil for my arwah wan. It finished around 1.20pm and then I was told to ask the maids to start preparing lunch as no one seemed like they’d move anywhere apart from chit chatting and watch tv; then I went for my prayer because I promised my friends to meet up at 2.00pm. And guess what? They were having the duit raya session then, while I was having my prayer and pretty much I got blacklisted as one of the person who’ll get duit raya because I was in my room haha. Pissed off? I was. They can always shout out my name, I’ll be there, isn’t it? It’s not a huge house after all. But you know.. 3 years not been celebrating eid, do you think I care about duit raya? duh! come on lar! To tell the truth, I wasn’t expecting a single duit raya for this eid. I’m 21 for god sake! not 12!

Btw, I was pissed off because taking photos during the duit raya session would be a good capture of emotions + it’s related to photojournalism hehe – what do you expect from someone who loves photography? πŸ˜›

Duit raya is not a big deal πŸ™‚ unless they’re giving out camera lens haha. I’ll be first in line hehe. But still, thanks for the duit raya. I truly appreciate it.

— badly done panoramic shot

3. Is this really raya?
I was doubting myself if I got the wrong date or whatnot. Why? Because it didn’t feel like raya at all! Especially in my house. No offense again. The kids were busy playing ps2 upstairs. Other people were either in the kitchen helping out, sleeping, watching tv, or went out. I’m not complaining, it really is up to them what they want to do, it’s just that.. well, raya seems like it was just another normal day. You know… we might not be meeting each other next year or so.

I was online myself hehe since there was nothing that I could get involve in 😦

How was my raya in London?
During my 1st year there (doing fondation course), I think raya was on.. Monday. I never had classes on Monday hehe, so I only went to uni, in my baju kurung meeting with my tutor as there was no holiday, I still had to finish up my assignments. Around lunch hour.. I think.. I went to the open house of the.. high commissioner? or something… lol. And that was my raya.

My 2nd year there (I was in my 1st year of my course), I had class haha. Obviously I went to class in baju kurung lol. During that year, my sis was staying in the student accommodation where there were lots of Malaysian there πŸ™‚ I was staying in another student accommodation where my flatmates were from elsewhere. So we had our pre raya and raya with sis and her friends; doing potluck and such. And we also went to one open house.

My 3rd year raya there (I was in my 2nd year), I again had class. As always, went to class in baju kebaya with jeans hehe and also went to the open house. It was the worse raya ever! Well, usually my sis would be celebrating eid with me; but last year she was in Southend and I was in London. Boooo~ raya alone sucks 😦 But anyway, she went back to London during the weekend hehe.

Pretty much in my 3 years celebrating eid in London, what I did was just having Malaysian dishes for a day πŸ™‚ and that is pretty much the same as in Malaysia – apart from it’s easier to get those food back in Malaysia hahaha!… and more houses to go hehe

Boooo such depressing entry!

Anyway, I was so glad that I went out with my friends πŸ˜› Not that I hate staying home, it’s just that it didn’t feel like raya at home 😦 I am so disappointed as I was really excited about celebrating eid with everyone 😦

I can’t recall of ever visiting my friends houses before this hehe. So this year is my first time ever!
My friends did come visiting my house in the past years πŸ™‚

I went to 3 houses yesterday and another 3 today; and had a lot of catching up with high school mates πŸ™‚
Thanks for the food, thanks for the good time! Totally enjoyed myself and that, totally raya!
I went out around 2pm and only came back home at nearly 6pm! hehe
Open house, close house, nearly open house, partly open house… err sorry for going without telling in advance I was coming Β hehe. The phone line was busy, hardly could reach anyone by phone. bleeeehh~

I went to Hafizah’s (high school mate since form 1), Husna’s (primary + high school mate since.. standard 4) and Zhafry’s (high school mate, but only know him when I met him at Notts) house yesterday. Obviously I went there with a group of friends, picking them up from their house after melantak at their place tehehe~

— form 3

— form 5

And as for today, I went to pick up some friends from yesterday and went to my primary school teacher’s house. We were there for like.. an hour and a half! Time flies~ hehe It has been.. 9 years was it? since we graduated from primary school! so old!
Then went to my high school teacher’s house. It has been a while since I last saw cikgu hehe
And finally, crashed at Syuhada’s place lol. I’m pretty close with this friend of mine. We usually will meet up when I’m on holiday πŸ™‚ A few classmates of mine during form 4 and 5 (Deris, Pitt Sam and Chap) was just around that area, so they joined in as well πŸ˜€
Everyone is so grown up now!! Tak percaya la!! lol it was fun meeting them again after getting in touch only through facebook hehe

I was totally exhausted yesterday, and already on the bed at 10pm lol but ended up watching Jackie Chan on tv8 I think…
Jackie Chan is my hero ❀ even though he’s old, he is cool as an actor πŸ˜›
I’m thinking of sitting in front of the tv again tonight! hahaha cerita apa la yg best malam ni ek?

I’ve been eating too much in 2 days. I am regretting a bit.. but I’ll regret more if I don’t try all the food! hahahaha!! I’m already mengembang horizontally when I wish I’m growing vertically aka taller lol
Need to cut down on food.. err or not? haha

Anyway, my eid so far is much more interesting than in London as I can go around Alor Star visiting friends
I’m happy that I could celebrate it with my parents.. and bro πŸ™‚
Let’s celebrate it in London next time! hehe~

I don’t have anything plan for 3rd day of raya
hrmmmmm… let see if anyone is around to hang out.. at kedai!!
My house is already nearly out of kuih raya!! – Adila is guilty! been eating it everytime I go to the kitchen lol Harap2 org dah tak ramai dkt supermarket – the H1N1 cases are scaring me as I’m going back to London next week! I can’t (shouldn’t) get sick anytime soon!!

Anyway, I’ll try and remember to bring some kuih raya back to London hehe
My favourite? Apart from almond London….. marmar carrie!!


How was your raya? πŸ˜€
Hope you have a better raya!

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  1. wargh. so nosltagic! I wish I could remind myself of the previous days of raya.

    yeah. time changes people. more kids prefer to watch TV rather that visiting other houses nowadays. it sucks.

    whatver it is, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin! =D

    • hehe I guess that I’m expecting something more for raya, that’s why I remember things xD
      I got pretty bad memory to be honest haha

      Kids watch tv is pretty ok. At least everyone can gather in front of the tv together (if they’re not watching just cartoon or some silly channel hehe) but them, playing ps2, especially game bola, how the heck can I join in? xD haha

      Selamat Hari Raya to you too πŸ˜€

  2. hey ya…i thought i was lunatic by thinking that raya is just another day, (perhaps because i’m in the same house, same place and things like that)

    but after reading this entry, I’m feeling a bit positive…i mean, at least i have the reason…and you’re comparing 2 totally different locations for raya.

    after doing some bloghopping (one of my raya activities this raya), i found out it’s not just us. (thank God!~)

    everyone seems to mind their own business only.

    * dis is not good, isn’t it?

    * i love that kuih’s plate. my late grandma had one:)

    • why can’t raya day be some sort of like.. a grand day or something? it doesn’t feel festive at all 😦

      i too celebrating raya in the same place that i’ve been living since i was.. 12? 11? haha and also i’ve been here since my holiday started; but i still hope for something more as it’s raya 😦

      today is already the 3rd day of raya and it feels like.. raya was like.. years ago lol hehe

      p/s: that kuih plate belongs to my grandma πŸ˜€

  3. betul cakap kak dila
    raye dulu sekarang lain gila lah
    time kecik2 dulu jugak best.mercun+bunga api+jalan2 rumah orang samada kenal atau tidak+duit raya
    duit raya+makanan+dapat jumpe sepupu dan due pupu yg cun!!!
    oh heaven~~~~

  4. Hi Adila, nice pics. Selamat hari raya.
    Not sure about you, but I sure miss visiting friends during hari raya.
    And having laughs as well the delicious foods.
    By the way, did they have anything at Malaysia Hall to celebrate Hari raya?
    Your sis in Southend? Gosh, I stayed there in 1962. Use to go fishing at the pier too, but don’t like the beach, very stony.
    Love the train journey though.
    You keep well Adila, best regards, Lee.

    • thanks πŸ˜€

      well.. I never visited my friends before and I must say, it’s pretty fun πŸ˜€ I’ll do it more often after this hehe

      If I’m not mistaken, the people from Malaysian Hall are having the raya makan2 this sunday πŸ™‚

      Southend sure is a really nice place.. well, if it’s sunny hehehe

    • 😦 sorry to hear about your cousin

      I’m not sure myself why I look as if I gained some weight xD
      to tell the truth, I actually lose some kg; so that picture totally made me wonder what actually happen haha

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