Blue Night


The title is taken from one of MLTR songs hehe
Don’t you just love their songs? 😀 I know that I do! ❤
..that made me feel old since I grew up listening to them (MLTR was formed in 1988!) haha

Anyway, I was in Penang until yesterday and went back at around.. 2pm? something around that time haha
Well.. this would be a bit of rant; I was driving most of the time while on the journey, only didn’t drive in Penang since I obviously would sesat lol. I’ve been to Penang thousands times already, but I still can’t remember the roads haha

Okay.. I don’t drive on highway a lot. I’m sort of a new driver so my parents are worried when I’m on the road hehe and especially on highway since it’s different than driving on normal road – you guys know better than me about this 😀

I’m a bit of a speed freak.. so, driving on highway was such a bliss! hehe
but still… 110kmph is.. well don’t you think it’s way too slow? No wonder a lot of people got caught because of the speed trap thingy
I do go up to 135kmph but would slow down to 110-120kmph since if something happens, I might freak out lol
I’m wondering here… why is the speed limit is 110kmph? It’s much higher.. the limit I mean, back in the UK – unless my friend was kelentong me hehe; I can’t drive in the UK, so I never bother to know haha

Anyway, law is law; deal with it! haha I guess.. 110kmph would just be OK since it’s pretty slow; so, it’s easier to handle the vehicle if things go wrong – don’t you go up to 100kmph on normal road even though the limit is 60kmph? 😛
That reminds me of my JPJ test a few years ago. The guy who marked me was saying, “I’ll fail you if you drive slow” haha

My dad was saying to me.. Tak boleh beli kereta utk Dila any time soon. Bawak kereta time semorg ada dlm kereta pun dah laju; kalau dia sorg2 sure lagi laju
errr.. kantoi hehe it’s not really the matter of speeding or not; it’s more of my own safety. I’m not at all an experience driver.
I mean.. with my parents around, obviously they’ll tell me to slow down when I’m over the limit ehe~ but when alone, won’t I be like… I don’t give a damn about speed limit? 😛
It’s sad to die from car accident (no offense intended)

Pandu dengan cermat. Ingatlah orang tersayang
It’s nearly eid, so for those who are driving back to kampung, drive safely 😛
It’s better slow but reaches the destination rather than, fast but reach the “6 feet under” before the destination 😛 get what I mean?

And.. motorcyclists.. please be extra careful; cars (or any other larger vehicles) won’t see you especially if you’re at the blind spot. Don’t ride as if.. well to put it bluntly, don’t ride as if it’sjalan bapak ko punya
There were a few motorcyclists who had that attitude on the highway yesterday. Seriously, that pissed me off – I was about to overtake a lorry when suddenly a motorcyclist came in between; that was like.. WTF??!
I should just make the gap closer to the lorry just to piss the motorcyclist off haha berani sangat! nak tgk glabah ke tak! – don’t do that lol it’s risky and might cost your life. If someone act like orang gila on the road, you, be the rational one 😀

I might not feel sorry for them if anything happens 😛 since they, themselves don’t value their own lives hehe

I’m done ranting 😛
Here are some photos taken from the hotel room. I love the clouds!
I wasn’t feeling good after sahur, so I went to bed and missed the sunrise 😦

I was testing something; do you think the photos look blur? I was using ISO 3200, the noise was horrible 😦 So, with some magic, I removed most of the noise but it reduces the the details in the picture


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  1. in germany there is no speed limit. maybe it suits you? LOL.

    i don’t like to drive slow too… it makes me sleepy. but one thing for sure, driving slow doesn’t mean you driving safe 🙂

    • true, more likely kena hentam from the back or something haha

      ehh drive fast makes me sleepy haha
      especially when i’ve set the speed, no need to press the pedal lol

  2. keto den yg bertajuk continental dolu2 itew den sudah simpan kek bawah pokok.. due to xcdnt sept.11 last year..

    huhuhu.. till now I still miss it.. uwakkk..

    so, baca doa sebelum jalan2 beraya naa.. huhuhu

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