Glittery Shine!


Glittery shine? PFFTTTT!! rofl
Anyway, I was still into taking water drop(s) shots when I failed big times.. AGAIN!
I tried doing it for 2 days; the result? hrmmmm.. not really my favourite!
So pretty much for the next few days, I’ll be out taking flower/plant shots.. well… I hope so~ haha

Here are some so called water drop shots:
if these don’t load well, you can see there at alidaron.deviantArt or Adila.facebook

Experiment DAY 1DSC_0003



Experiment DAY 2



Nah, it didn’t work out as expected, need to do something else!
I went for a bit of treasure hunting of my old stuffs and found a glitter glue lol – God knows what I was using that for in the past *scratch head*
It still didn’t work out fine, but.. oh well~





Anyone interested to see behind the scene pic? haha even if you’re not interested, I’ll still post it πŸ˜› – the butterfly and beads.. and the cloth were taken from bunga telur hehe

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  1. Aaiik ?

    Tinggal kulit kerang je ?

    Isinya Adila dah telan ke ? Waakakaa….

    ~ Photo tu kurang jelas laa… mungkin backgroundnya perlukan lebih contrast. Ehehehe…pandai je mokcik ni…

    • eh boleh mkn ke siput2 tu? hehehe
      hari tu godek2 kat dlm almari, terjumpa kulit siput tu WAKAKAKAKA
      bila kutip pun xtau la hihi

      tu la kan..
      rasanya gambar2 tu mcm crowded sgt hihi
      xtau focus pegi kat mana

  2. I wondering why your latest effort fall short from the previous one. I believe it got to do with the butterfly. It’s not a real butterfly kan? It makes the pic a bit dull la ckit. Still cantik juga. Keep it coming….

      • It wasn’t so bad. I don’t think you should consider it as a failure. It just another learning experience for you and myself as well as a critic (sendiri lantik). Somehow I agree with Tie that there’s lack of contrast in the pic. Maybe the butterfly or maybe the background, I’m not sure… But like said, still cantik.

    • yg siput2 tu lagi pening, kan?
      patutnya minimise kan background, sikit2 je cukup mcm the few first pictures

      psssttt guna macro lens sure mantap
      sila la try memandangkan ko ade macro lens!! hihihi

  3. adila.. hmm how about next time you check it out a diamond glittering.. heehehe

    it must be a superb outcome..kanzzz… & glamour2 lagi gitew..

    alahai, ekau rembat lah berlian omak ekau tu sekojap yo.. kato eh nak bikin filem gitew..wakakakak

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