Drip drops~


I was experimenting with water drop(s) shots yesterday after picking bro from school hehe
I told my bro I got a Projek Rahsia and as expected, he came peeking what I was doing hehe and was like… laaa.. tangkap gambar lagi ke? tak best la! projek rahsia la sgt! hehehe 😛
macam xtau je sis you sorg ni~ 😛

Anyway, here goes some photos 😀
It’s either my brain just didn’t work properly yesterday or I wasn’t thinking; I forgot that colour pencils lead dissolve in water! xD sila hentak kepala kat dinding kuat sket~
Thus, experiment FAILED! *oh noes*


So, change plan! Instead of using several colours, I tried using only one!
Getting the drop in the size that I want, is pretty hard =/
A few people likes this shot when I published it in facebook even though it’s not at all my favourite shot – seriously, I’m so going to redo this! until I’m satisfied!


Well.. experiment gone wrong
Change plan… AGAIN!
and this time, I was pleased with the end result 🙂




not bad for my first try
It is fun; so yeah.. if I’m still into macro photography, in another 2 years min maybe? I’ll get the Micro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED
Using close up filter won’t give that good photos hehe

Anyone used fisheye adapter?
I’m too poor to get a fisheye lens (or even to rent one!) but I don’t mind settling down with a fisheye adapter as a start as long as the price is not that expensive
hrmmm.. worth getting one?

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  1. Hi Adila, wow! I’m impressed! Outstanding! Like a real pro your pics.
    Like looking at National Geographic.
    My hobby is portrait photography, I make women, mostly matured ladies beautiful thru my lens.
    I have a 12 year old Nikon SLR F601 with a 35mm-135mm portrait lens and accessory flash, and for backup, a 32 year old Yashica Electro 35 with a 50mm lens….

    And my reward when the ladies exclaim, “Oh my God! Is that me”?
    Or their children say, “Mummy, is that you”? Ha ha. Lee.

    • thank you 😀

      you know what Uncle Lee.. share some tips with me!
      When I take pictures of my sis; what I heard is.. “OMG~ how come I look so fat?” lol hehe

      Those are film cameras right? wow!
      I sure will waste a lot of shots if using film hehe
      Thank God for digital!

      My dad used to have an old Nikon camera
      too bad it was stolen years ago 😦
      If not, it would be great to play around with film camera 😀

  2. hmm I sugget to you, next time cuba tangkap gambo pimple.. yg elok lagi cun, pimple adila sendiri lak…apa mcm?

    brilliant tak idea maza ini? huhuhuhu

    • thanks 😀

      hahaha camera power is a plus 😀
      tp kan, ada org guna point and shoot camera pun boleh dpt effect yg best, kena pandai try and error je 😀
      lagi plak, skrg ni point and shoot camera dah byk yg functions super hebat, kan? 😀

  3. Hi Adila, if you take someone short, you kneel or squat take the shot.
    If tall, you bend your knees, if ada extra ahemm, fleshy parts, pose her sideways, angle shots.

    I do a lot of portraits and shoot a roll or two, select the best….and my models mostly matured ladies, real challenge make them look ahemmm, sexy and desirable.
    But their husbands exclaimation when seeing the pics, my reward, “Lee! Who is that Woman”?
    One joked after see his wife pose in a very, shall I say, quite revealing pose, showing lots of leg, hubby pun kelengtang kelengtung, ha ha. Lee.

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