Burppp!! oops~


I’ve just finished sahur; thus the title lol
seems like my appetite during sahur is like.. macam makan tengah hari! Should I be worried? lol hehe
ada gak yg tak muat baju raya kang WAKAKAKA

Anyone watch the tv right after sahur? The drama about that anak mat saleh well.. partly mat saleh? hehe pretty interesting lol

Anyway, I sort of got into the mood of taking macro photos lately (blame deviantArt for showing such awesome macro photos lol) and.. it has been a while since I last took photos of flowers… well, close up flowers xD

Too bad I couldn’t find various kind of flowers here; well.. to be specific in my home hehe sape nak jaga garden besar-besar? ekeke~
Seriously.. I’m so looking forward for summer in London next year as there would be tons of pretty never-seen-before flowers EVERYWHERE like it had been this year!
well.. pretty much I’m not going home for summer since my last exams would be in end of May or early June and the graduation would take place somewhere in July insyaAllah 🙂 A bit too short to go back to Malaysia.. let see if I can force my parents to fly to London early to accompany me hehehe~ 😛

Anyone from Alor Star who’d like to serang pay a visit to some kedai bunga for shots?
I remember going to one, near the Kompleks Hijau Kuning or something.. lol I’m bad with remembering places =/ or somewhere near Insaniah – not really near Insaniah.. but around that area hehe
and.. another one would be near the old airport haha
The weather in Alor Star seems to be improving for the past days; gotten sunny wheeeee~

Here are some photos that I took during the past days.. while waiting to break fast hehe
My grandma called me… tukang gambar as I always disappeared outside the house an hour before the fasting break lol





…photos of my neighbour’s bunga raya
gosh, I felt like a stalker as I had to stay close to the fence for these shots
err actually, my neighbour was like.. “Ingatkan sapa tadi…” hehe oops~ sorry for looking so.. suspicious.. mcm org usya line nak pecah masuk rumah org sebelah.. lagi2 tgh pegang camera.. cam tgh buat “research” aje ekekeek~




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