Happy MERDEKA Day!



My tribute for Malaysia 52 Independence Day
The idea was; using the 1 Malaysia uhh logo? design? whatever it is called as, as the main thing. As I’m pretty much active in deviantArt and got to know a lot of Malaysian in there, I just thought that it would be cool to do something like the piece that I’ve done above; 1 Malaysia, containing 52 Malaysian deviants to celebrate Malaysia 52 years of being independent

There are a lot of other Malaysian deviants that I didn’t include it as I only need 52 avatars to do this; so, to those that are not part of this, I’ll try and put you guys in it next year 🙂

I didn’t do any artwork for last year Independence Day, but I did for the year before.
Grab a 50+1 Malaysia book, and you’ll see one of my art (which is as below) in that book 😀


I wasn’t there when Malaysia.. I mean Malaya was free! Uncle Lee was there! – go read up; it’s such an interesting post, especially getting familiar with that time from Uncle Lee’s experience; year 1957 which most of us haven’t been born yet!

Happy Independence Day!
Have a great cuti day, people! 😀

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