What’s for LUNCH?


Salam Ramadhan everyone! puasa ok? hehe
It has been a few days since Ramadhan begins; so hopefully everyone is getting used to it; no lunch 😛

Anyway, for the past days, Alor Star been raining all day long. Well.. it’s not a bad things since at least it’s not friggin hot! hehe tapi lentok je la kan hehe
It was raining.. as usual after Subuh earlier but sort of a good day during the afternoon/evening 😀

So, since it has been a while since I last play with Niko; I took him out and attach the close up filter to him 😛
I actually got the timing wrong, it was 6pm and I expect flowers to be blooming??!! LOL – just hope I could get up early tomorrow to catch the sunrise + bunga raya blooming 😀
– on second thought.. I do have to wake up early tomorrow; no going back to sleep after Subuh since my bro has school la wei! lol

Anyway, here are some shots that I managed to get of the morning glory plant, no flowers mind you; despite the rough wind that made my macro shots look crappy lol – sapa suruh hand held? I ended up with 4 best shots out of 100s! *faint*
I tried shooting in RAW and I totally loving it! 😛 *ehem~ is using CS4 extended now not CS2 or PS7 as before*

These photos can also be seen in alidaron.deviantArt and facebook





p/s: If you’re Dina sila abaikan p/s di bawah dah tutup window anda sblm baca “footnote” tu ye~ kang ade yg nangis pulak hohoho

p/s budak kebuloq: for the past days, I’ve had nasi arab ngan nasi tomato kat Pantai Johor and nasi arab kat sebelah kedai Sayyid – super mahal la wei! RM6 sebungkus! perghhh!!! tp nasik mmg penuh giler la hehe. nasi yasmeen, moi – org kat rumah buat ekeke~ kuih? of course tepung talam ubi, tepung talam, tepung pelita, pulut sekaya, kuih lapis, karipap err ape lagi ek? haha roti john je tak pekena lagi psl.. alaaa nanti lembik la roti tu tara nak tunggu time bukak posa~
Skrang dah xtau time bukak posa nak mkn ape dah~ hehe

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    • thanks 😀

      xde la byk pun gambar kat london
      tak habis pusing dgn camera lagi pun hehe
      slalu pegi jln2 je xsmpat nak snap sgt

      insyAllah summer taun dpn boleh complete kot jln2 amik gambar kat tourist attractions kat sn haha
      slalu weather kureng je~ susah gak iskk~

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