Esok RAYA!


hehe by now everyone should know that 1st Ramadhan is this Saturday πŸ™‚

Selamat Berpuasa kawan2 πŸ˜›

Anyway, I got a new glasses a few days ago haha and obviously, I went for old school look lol since I never tried that kind of frame before hehe
It’s black on the outside, purple in the inside πŸ˜› so pur-tey! ❀
I am liking it πŸ™‚ and hopefully, it will serve me well for the next 2-3 years. My old glasses? Well, I still can use it πŸ˜› haha it got the clip on sunglasses so yeah.. that was pretty cool

And.. my tahap kebutaan lol didn’t increase much YAY!
It used to be 3.50 and 3.25 2 years ago but now it’s 3.50 both =.=
Pretty good I think as I use the computer all the time and my eyes weren’t ruin much hehehe

Jangan la increase byk2 sgt; kang xleh pulak pakai coloured contact hehe πŸ˜›



p/s: I don’t really feel like blogging these days 😦 sort of in a bit of over sensitive + emo mood xD plus.. I don’t know what to blog about haha. I’ve been lepaking in facebook lol. Lepas ni boleh la blog pasal nak raya pulak, kan? hehehe

p/s: yo Sayyid dah ilang kat mana ha?

p/s budak kebuloq: ysterday jadi monster sket; hentam pasembor ngan kuewteow goreng kat mee abu teluk wanjah. pasembor ibrahim dkt mergong lagi best ngee~ pehtu pekena egg tart ngan blueberry cheese tart kedai bakery sayang. mengancam! lagi pulak makan tu time tgk muvi citer the proposal yg takde la best sgt pun huaahahah. owwhh pekena nini jugek~ haha peberet tu! mana mau cari nini kat London tu πŸ˜›

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    • erkk!! berat aku naik secara mendadak actly WAKAKAKAKA
      so obviously badan pun membulat la πŸ˜›

      rahsianya.. mkn mkn n mkn je
      xyah exercise HUAHAHAHAAHHAH

  1. He he…

    Spec itam tu akan buat Adila macam prof pulak, hihi..

    Ooo.. sayyid tu memang lama senyap. Kak tie heran gak. Agaknya sibuk study kot..

    • haha I know what you mean; it’s like, need to wake up a bit early for contact lens etc etc xD

      I prefer contact lens rather than glasses since I can tukar2 the colours all the time HAHAHA!.. but I choose glasses over contact lens when I need to go to classes haha. My eyes usually become dry which always makes me feel uncomfortable in class =/
      but time jalan2 it doesn’t bother me much hehehe

  2. a fellow of mine said, wearing spec make us look so matured.. tapi maza lebih prefer to have a clear sight rather than become myopic gitew.. huhuhu

    • true but.. tak best la pakai spek
      tp nak buat camne kan.. dah rabun ekekeke~

      some people look better with spec and some don’t
      i personally think i don’t look good with spec xD haha
      that’s why i usually stick to contact lens..
      but i just can’t be bothered with it during uni period
      byk songeh pulak nak bangun awal psl nak pakai contact lens hehehe~ nak gi class je pun, bkn gi ngorat WAKAKAKAKA

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