Why I Blog? Why oh why?


I got tagged by en_me and it’s on.. 3 reasons why I blog
hrmmm.. that is interesting hehe
So.. here goes:

1. A showroom
It’s the main reason; to display or.. showcase (show off? haha) my stuffs; photos or any digital arts
I usually put the same stuffs in Adila.deviantArt, but in there, I rarely go into details about what the stuff is all about.. etc etc all kinds of details that I usually write in here hehe. Here, I also put the drafts of the stuffs (digital art) that I do. It’s sort of fall into the scrap category in deviantArt, so that’s why instead of putting it there, I prefer having it in my blog 😀

2. As a place to muhasabah diri
I’m sort of a bit of emotionally unstable, emo most of the time haha. So, to get back to my rational self, I usually will type out my feelings and sometimes a bit of my private life (but never got it published 😛 as it gets way too personal)
These days, I rarely write about those things anymore as I usually do art work and things would develop from there; getting me thinking all the how, what, where, when, why questions and in the end summarize about what happened in my life; which is portray in a piece of digital work

3. My blog is MY COMFORT PLACE
I would say what I want without taking much care if other people would feel offended. It’s tiring to be the nice person all the time; not to hurt other people feelings when in reality, no one care about mine!
Pretty much it’s my online diary haha but not that much details about stuffs that piss me off 😛 I quit the idea of having a diary, thus, I choose to blog! hehe

p/s: I got into blogging because of Arif haha. Remember adila.com.my? well.. the deal for that was.. I must post at least an entry in a week hehe; and even though that domain is gone, I still continue blogging until now 😛

p/s: Oh mai~ I still have loads of photos to go through.. errkk the whole 2Gb card! nanti2 la hehe. I’m feeling rather lazy these days lol

p/s budak kebuloq: dkt jalan nak pi kuala sungai, hala ke perlis, ada kedai ikan bakar yg best! xde la best sgt2 pun, tp not bad la. mmg ramai gak org cam pukul 12 tengah hari camtu. lagi.. cendol kat pacific tingkat 2 kot? dkt2 kedai jual vcd/dvd haram tu hahaha. kedai cina tu la.. yg jual laksa asam tu. best siot cendol kat situ! ais kacang situ pun ok gak.. tp i dah muak la hahaskrg nak mula musim ciku ke ha? bapak baru bli ciku tadi.. esok la makan NGIAHAHAHAH. td pekena durian lagi haha. dari hari tu sampai la skrg, i still tak muak dgn durian even though super byk giler i makan!! tp owhh.. harga durian dah naik la.. ciss ciss ciss. minggu lps leh dpt RM3/RM2 skilo.. tp ari ni plg kurang pun leh dpt RM4 je. durian yg tangkai pjg tu~ ape2 je la kan jenis durian tu hehehe

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    • haha i mcm tak ngam sgt dgn flickr kot?
      maybe psl i dah lama kat deviantArt tu.. ada kot 5 tahun
      so psl tu la deviantArt rasa lagi home gitu ngeee~

  1. my blog used to be a place to scream.
    well, in real life you hardly find a place to scream rite? 🙂

    then i deleted all the content and start writing again after been persuaded by my youngest sister.

    end up i’m more active than her 🙂

    your artwork really impressive!
    keep up the good work.

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