Heyoo people!

It feels like it has been ages since I last write something here (not really, right? it’s not even a week!)
I was in Kampar – KL – Taiping – Alor Star (HOME!) last week during the weekend and was in Ipoh for a few days during the weekday and was also in Penang.. last last week.. I mean 2 weeks ago haha

And.. obviously there are TONS of pictures that I haven’t gone through yet
I ran out of space in my 2Gb SD Card since I didn’t copy some of the earlier photos into my laptop lol
Good thing I got another 8Gb SD Card which I’ve just bought when I was in Penang a few weeks ago – is it just me, or it really is a bit hard to find SD card these days? it’s always the.. uhh micro? was it? or mini? not sure which one haha that they sell

Anyway, earlier today I was at my bro’s school taking photos πŸ˜›
They’re having a football tournament and my bro asked me to take some photos.. well, not that I have anything planned to do, so yeah.. I tagged along πŸ˜›
Don’t ask me about football, I totally have no idea
But what I know is.. I love taking sports photography haha

I’m quoting this from DPS
The funny thing is that I don’t enjoy watching sports at all, but I love to shoot them. There’s just something about getting that picture of a player flying through the air, kicking an opponent in the head and scoring the point

oh yes! That’s the main thing!! hahaha

Since I don’t do sports photography that often, I did my homework, taken from the same link as above πŸ˜›
And.. this is just for my reference in the future
If it helps you, well.. good for you πŸ™‚

Aperture – f/8-f/11
Shutter speed – 1/250s to 1/500s
Sensitivity – 200
AF-C I skimmed the tips too fast that I missed this 😦 darn! So, I didn’t try this step out

And.. it’s better if you bring a tripod too hehe
I was holding my super berat 70-300mm zoom for an hour, in a sitting position using my knee to hold it straight lol
The result? ade je gambar senget hehe
All in all, it wasn’t that bad πŸ™‚

Here goes some pictures πŸ˜€ Other pictures can be seen from my facebook album
Take note: Some pictures are so HILARIOUS that I feel that it’s such a waste not to post it hehe πŸ˜›
edit: I think I screwed up in some of the photos brightness booohooo~ =/








p/s: Not my best shots but… well heck care πŸ˜› I do this for fun and shall put it that way πŸ˜€

p/s budak kebuloq: pekena gulai keli kat restoran pumpong ngan asam pedas keladi. mak aiih! super mengancam! overdose belacan! ngehehehe~
pehtu utk dinner td gi pekena nasi lemak pokok sena kat stadium tu. best wooo~

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