Drive safely!


I’m now in KL and kawasan sekitar and will be home by tomorrow haha
On the way earlier, there was a lorry (or trailer) caught on fire.. rentung beb!
What really happened? I have no idea. Wait for the news hehe
Hopefully no lives where lost. Amin.

It was just by chance that I was there at that time; and luckily I had my 70-300mm zoom around πŸ˜›
I do wish I changed back to my 18-55mm when I passed the totally burned lorry to get better shots; but I wasn’t fast enough! 😦

Here are some shots that I’ve uploaded on facebook; no touch up and all, not even cropped since there’s no photoshop in dad’s laptop hehe. I’ll reupload my favourite shots later when I get home

I did think of uploading those pictures when it happened since the broadband signal were good earlier; but.. I used dad’s laptop last night and didn’t recharge it lol. So.. yeah; now this story is already a cerita basi lol; updating you guys about it from the hotel room haha

Favourite shots; sort of lucky shots that I managed to get

other shots:

p/s: I’m starting to like photojournalism since it’s like.. it’s all about you’re there at the right time; other things don’t matter that much

p/s budak kebuloq: earlier went to Bangsar pekena pasembor + cendol dkt2 stesen minyak petronas tu. that is my favourite spot! it wasn’t was good as it was years ago; but not bad la πŸ™‚ next place to singgah for food would be mee salim which i’m not sure where haha. i super tak tau names of places even though been going there a lot of times already hehe πŸ˜›

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  1. No wonder why for pass few days ago there have a thick haze covered surrounding KL. Huh! It was due to a lorry burned down at road side.. huhuhu

    Luckily u found the cause and tell us this story. Otherwise, we would always blame and put curse onto neighborly country, i,e Sumatera.. huhuh

  2. Hello Adila, Wow! Outstanding shots! You are good….exceptional pics.
    Keep on shooting and siapa tau maybe can be free lance for National Geographic? Ha ha.
    For me, I love portrait photography….making women beautiful thru my camera lens.
    You keep well, best regards, Lee.

    • thanks Uncle Lee πŸ˜€

      I still think I prefer car photography where I don’t need to have people in it hehe
      It’s hard to make people look pretty in pictures =/

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