Yuhuuu IPOH~


I was in Ipoh for 2 days, the day after I got back from Penang haha jalan sakan la plak kan~ ngee~
So, pretty much I wasn’t on a lot byk tido + tgk tv je pun ekekeke

Supposedly, I planned to go for the Perasmian Foto Sultan Perak – not sure what was the event name; but pretty much it’s about.. photographs of the Sultan Perak in a museum (building?) ala2 Muzeum diraja Kedah tu~ photographs exhibition some sort? something like that.. kot hehe
– I ended up sleeping and missed that event even though my dad did wake me up to follow him for the event hehe Adila kaki tido; skali tido susah mau bangun daa ngee~
So.. no picture of the event; not even of the Stesen/Bangunan Keretapi which is near where the event took place

Instead, I was fooling around in the room, snapping sis pics again ngee~

Ipoh is such a classic city; I mean in terms of the buildings
I’ve never really go there, explore the place so pretty much I’m new to Ipoh
What I can really say about Ipoh is… manyak susah mau cari makan la! pusing2 pekan, xjumpa kedai makan mlayu pun! orang2 Ipoh kasi clue sket where to find food in Ipoh can? hehe





p/s: should I give up on photography? 😦 it’s like.. I’m going nowhere with it; the pictures that I took don’t even look that great. Damn.. this is depressing! (i DO NOT want to give up photography!)
So.. the question now is.. how to become a great photographer? Go watch The Shot – yeah the reality show thingy; they took super awesome photographs! and him.. Russell James he’s awesome! go check out his website. TOTALLY 4 THUMBS UP! (termasuk ibu jari kaki + ibu jari tgn hahaha)

I’m so-so in photography, so-so in illustration… what else should I do? 😦 damit!
Is there anything I’m good in? 😦

ops~ teremo~

p/s budak kebuloq: pegi Ipoh sure pekena ikan patin ngee~ sedap ooooo. pagi tadi brekpes pekena nasik ngan kurma itik kat.. ala.. kat alor star la kan.. dkt2 ngan tokong sayur tu; sgt dkt ngan kedai moto modernas ke hapa ntah hehe. gulai itik dia pun not bad la. tp pedas sket. gulai itik kat best kat pekan cina kat area yg byk jual buah tu.. ala~ yg dkt dgn masjid tu. xtau? ronda je la satu pekan cina tu. besar mana sgt pekan cina alor star ni hehehe. pehtu, tadi pegi Kuala Perlis pekena laksa. Haaaaa klo korg gi, gi cari kedai Kaksu Laksa kat area2 pekan Kuala Perlis tu gak aar. Siyes sgt sedap!! mmg lain dr laksa yg penah aku rasa!! mantops!! rasa skali mau lagi! ngeee~ (bukan maen aku mempromot plak). satgi nak gi black pepper chicken ke hapa xtau nama menu tu kat restoran mama jalan sultanah tu. dulu try mmg sedap nak mampos! ngee~

p/s: should I stick to “nearly formal” Malay or you guys prefer my “chatting” language aka the use of words like gila, mampos, pehtu? ngeeee~

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  1. Buat apa nak give up nih? Do what you want ok! Yang oenting kita rasa puas hati..

    P/s: Stay the way you are / the way that Kak Adila comfortable with.. =)

    • …actually, tgh super tak puas hati hehe
      i want to give some impression, some impact tru my pictures which for me, mmg tak sampai that level pun 😦 that’s what i want and it doesn’t seem that i’m getting what i hope to get

      sgt frustrating especially when i’m doing my very best 😦
      it’s all about luck; and that.. is what i lack off xD

      skrg cam.. rasa pressure je bila amik gambar 😦

      put it this way.. ambik gambar?
      semua org tau amik gambar
      how to differentiate org yg amik snapshot ngan proper pic?
      it’s all about the way it is taken, the interpretation, the concept, the meaning behind each picture

      ….i’m just making things more complicated hehe

    • HAHAHAHA! xde sape nak amik
      lg plak.. ishh.. tak brani la
      kang ade gak org yg gambar tak best haha

      but i dont mind if it’s car photography hahaha
      yg tu mmg sgt best!!
      lg plak.. bila lagi kan nak amik gambar kereta2 lain hehe

    • ..harap2 ada masa la hehe
      prefer amik informal class
      kalau formal sure kena duit lagi haha

      lagi plak, tak rasa nak buat karier out of this..
      so mcm membazir plak hehehe

      ade gak plan dgn kawan2 deviantArt nak buat jumpe2 photograhers; kuar same2, sewa studio etc etc camtu.. tp xtau la kan jadi ke tak nnt hehe
      ..klo jadi yg tu.. tu mmg blaja informally la dr diorg hehehe

    • hehe tak la.. tgh facebook hehehehee~

      itu la kan!!
      time i pusing2 ipoh tu, cam malas nak snap gambar (ronda dok dlm kereta je pun hehehe)

      next time la pulak pegi ipoh jalan2 (kaki!!) for gambar
      it’s such a nice place 🙂

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