Daily Archives: July 25, 2009

Teeeeeeeeeeshirt design!


I’m into tee design.. AGAIN! hehe
Usually, I’ll start digitally and just let the idea flows in; but yesterday, I tried something new… which is pop art(?)
I’m not entirely sure if that is pop art; but anyway, it’s fun!
I started off drawing on a piece of paper, scan it and then vector it! 😀

My bro was asking me for a tee design for his class.. so I had to keep in mind on how 13 years old kids would like their tee to be like… well, as far as I understand, it’s more of design that could cover the whole tee! *gasp!* err might not be true hehe so I went off trying something more.. cartoon type, not my usual style 🙂

Here goes..
front view

back view

anyone interesting in that kind of design?
I admit that it’s not original at all (that kind of style, people have been using it) so, I am trying to manipulate it a bit and try to come out with my own style – I’m still working on it
As for now, another drawing is done, I only need to redo it in photoshop 🙂

for Saffa tee competition before, I submitted this design..

and.. she asked me for designs for ECONSS. I only managed to come out with these:

anyone dig those designs?
I’m up for freelance haha – sort of I’m in tee mood these days lol
Need someone to design a tee? Holla me up 😀

in the meantime… I’ll start fooling around making more designs 🙂 hehe

p/s: you guys watch Anak Wayang? err the reality show thingy. If you never watch it, do watch it! (or youtube it!) One of my schoolmate (classmate during standard 2 and 3) is in it! and.. HE’S SO AWESOME! his acting skills, I mean 😛 oh his name is Hairi. Next week is the final; hopefully he’ll win 😀 I’m so his fan now! (menyesal reject him when he confessed before.. NOT!) 😛 haha


p/s budak kebuloq: tadi pekena brekpes kat pak tuan – dah tukar nama kedai pa xtau haha. balun nasi lemak (hrmm.. kureng la, sambal tak bes pun), capati (org tu cam blur je.. tp kuah dal dia bes hehe), ngan.. pak tongko (hentam je la ejaan hehe.. ni mmg best! mantaps!). smalam plak.. ronda2 with bro, pekena air soya ngan tau fu fa dkt2 masjid Sultanah tu.. MMG BEST!!!