Mini Cooper Cabrio? I WANT!


..I still can’t get over it haha
I’ve been saying “Daddy I want a mini cooper cabrio, please please please” – nope, no way I’m getting it any time soon; and nope nope, totally I won’t get it unless in another 5-10 years haha ingat dua hinggit ke menda tu? ceit!
Pretty much, there’s NO WAY I’ll get a mini cooper cabrio – that is the truth (man.. truth hurts! let me dream much longer! hehe)
I’ve been saying that name (MINI COOPER) since last year; and not to mention; EVERYDAY now for.. nearly a week already? 2 weeks? I’m not sure lol

I am getting way too obsess with mini cooper this, mini cooper that
Maybe I should get the mini cooper toy car lol

pssttt.. I’m trying to get over it!

Anyway, I went out with bro earlier for a bit of basketballing lol; it’s been a while (not really, we went bball last week as well; but I wasn’t as energetic before like today) so.. I’m pretty sure muscle ache will come soon.. or by the time I wake up tomorrow *sigh*
I just recovered from it a few days ago due to.. well playing wii baseball and boxing like a maniac with my bro hehe. I’m a bad loser; so I play to win hehe mak cakap.. isshhh mcm budak2 aje hehe that’s why I went all out and.. suffer muscle ache for a few days w00t! haahaha – I did lose to him in baseball =.= oh well.. I didn’t pitch good enough 😀

eh.. termemalut
Here are some pictures that I took today. It’s near the basketball court; the place used to be called Kedah Cafe years ago; I guess it went bankrupt(?) years ago. What a pity. They had nice chicken chop there 😦 and lovely lil library as well

For these pictures, I was trying a new HDR program which should give me more control over my HDR’ing. I haven’t really know all the buttons, functions, do this and that etc etc haha I will soon.. I hope!

I’m trying to make the pictures look more natural; not sure if I overdid it 😦
The place.. I thought that it would be messier; more.. well some sort of “being left” look; but it’s not as I imagine
Some heavy editing could do the trick but.. that’s now what I’m aiming for. Remember this link? That’s the effects (style) I’d like to get hehe





p/s budak kebuloq: pekena nasik pak nan; bkn nama kedai tu pun, ni sesuka hati kasi nama psl kedai tu dkt dgn klinik pak nana hehe; for the zillion time! slalu mkn situ pun still tak muak lagi hehehe. pehtu, lunch pekena mee rebus kamal kat on the way pegi airport tu. try gak air tiga rasa ke hape ntah nama air tu; ala.. yg teh 3 layer tu hehe. bes gak 😀
lagi.. err owhh pekana mee rebus n pasembor dari kedai kat pantai johor tu.. ala.. yg dkt2 dgn masjid tu. yg tu… mee rebus dia mmg BEST SGT2!!

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  1. den rasolahkan.. ekau nie sohih dah tertelan nut ataupun bolt skrew Mini Cooper Cabrio… tu pasal la ekau meroyan yo!


    alahai, mcm lah adila, hari ini ekau beli lampu depan mini cooper, lepas tu hari berikutnyer atau bulan berikutna beli tayar lak.. kendian stering.. kendian pintu…

    lepas lengkap karang, ekau assemble kan ajelah utk jadikan mini cooper idam itu ha!


    (a brilliant idea from maza)

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