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Let’s READ!


I’ve been telling myself to write a review or a list of books which I’d recommend for other people to read hehe
My connection been rather stable lately, so I’ve stopped reading a book (novel to be exact!) per day lol but I picked back that hobby of mine (reading? a hobby? me? haha) – I do like reading πŸ˜›

A few months back, right after I finished my exams, I did start reading again; but the same “oh-I’m-so-awesome-I-got-everything-you-don’t-have” plot pissed me off; so I stopped reading after my first book which was Cecelia Ahern – Thanks for the Memories (I want to read the other book titled The Gift – only found the hard cover a few weeks ago 😦 )

Anyway, I’ve been digging the old books that my sis and I used to have from the storeroom lol. My sis is more into Malay novel while I prefer English novel as I do think I’m pretty bad in English (still am!); so it sort of helps in making my sentences less.. uhh.. crappy haha! That was really useful during my SPM year as I always choose to write a story for the essay part (and yes I managed to get A1 for english and the GCSE or whatever Cambridge thingy πŸ˜› during SPM.. my grammar is much crappier now than before lol)

During those time, PMR + SPM time, I was more into teenagers type of novel. One of my favourite series is Sweet Valley Twins by Francine Pascal


I got hooked with that series (reading from the time they were in.. high school until uni if I’m not mistaken) as my school library got most of the books in that series hehe
The one in the picture (apart from the top one) are about their lives in university.. I think haha
I’m not sure if that’s the whole books (volume 1-6) I guess it is; or maybe if there’s any continuation, must be that I couldn’t find it haha (this is Alor Star la! where to find one!)

My school (well, when I was in secondary school) always made us, the students read books by Penguin publisher – I think it’s called Penguin lol
Some of the stories are so-so; it’s more of.. fairy tales? kids stories? something like that πŸ˜› with big texts lol

I really like English πŸ™‚ but I’m not sure about now haha.. I guess I still do πŸ˜› (if not, I won’t be writing in English here, right? haha)

Some of my sis and mine collections:

I’d recommend books from authors like Tess Gerritsen if you like medic + thriller stuffs. My sis got a few others of her books.. and we actually followed the story of Jane Rizolli hehe and now.. the doc.. err whatever her name was lol

Danielle Steel is also my favourite! My all time favourite which I’ve been reading over and over again isΒ Johnny Angel. That’s is such a sweet + sad story! Totally love it! Her other books are also good but I can’t remember the titles that I like as I usually borrow the books from the library back in London hehe

Cecelia Ahern books.. I like PS I Love You (the movie is pretty good; if you like the movie, go read the book! It’s more sad than the movie!), Where Rainbow Ends and If You Could See Me Now. I likeΒ If You Could See Me Now as it was about.. imaginary friend(s) and it’s pretty interesting; not making me cry hard haha. The 2 books that I recommended before; get ready with lots of tissues πŸ˜› hehe The other books of her are.. well.. so-so. There’s an offer 2 in 1 for a good price for PS I Love You andΒ Where Rainbow Ends if I’m not mistaken in Popular

Dan Brown… need to say more? haha I bet most of you guys have read The Da Vinci Code. I need to read other books of his! I’ve been telling myself to get it; but never did haha

Other books in the picture? Well, not highly recommended πŸ˜› Those are so-so. A few of them, I bought it because it was cheap, such as Peter James – Dead Simple (I like this one! :D) and Jeffery Deaver – The Twelfth Card


Left part, I haven’t read those.. I think (or maybe I’ve read it before?)
The two manga on top, I’ve been reading those like.. every night! haha Desir-desir Sakura – Usami Maki was given by a friend of mine during my 18th birthday lol. I really like that one because the main character is a cool guy who loves taking pictures! haha! There’s another manga that I read online; which involve guys with camera. UBER COOL OKEH!! hehe

Out of those fews that I managed to read (right part), my favourite would be Anis Ayuni – Manisnya Cinta and Fauziah Ashari – Ombak Rindu. I’ve readΒ Ombak Rindu before; so I didn’t reread it πŸ™‚

I’ve also read Nekcun’s book πŸ˜› – top right

Anis Ayuni – Manisnya Cinta.. I like it because the guy is a pilot! HAHA *xbley blah punya reason!* (any single pilot reading my blog? πŸ˜› let’s be friends! WAKAKAKAKAKA :P)
One of my deviantArt friend keje as a pilot. Pretty much I could guess that in the book, that the guy is a pilot since my friend told me about it; how he works for a few days, then a few days after are days off, and then back to work again. Pilots are cool (especially with the uniform! *drools*); except when they do the mau terpelanting sort of landing =.= haha

There are still a lot of Malay novels somewhere (I found a whole bunch more – not included inside the picture)
Man.. I never know my sis has a lot of it! *minah jiwang la loh! haha*
I might not read it all as it makes me feel.. weird haha *jiwa kacau beb!* Now is not the time to find a guy and get my heart broken + risk of not concentrating in my studies πŸ˜› haha (final year beb! ade jugak org yg tak grad kang.. issshhhh mintak simpang la!)

I also found this book! Sis short story is inside it! πŸ˜›

and now… MAGAZINES!!!

My favourite? Of courseΒ Digital Photo! It’s a bit expensive from the other camera magazines, GBP5 when other magz are around GBP3.50 (back in London la) but it’s totally worth for money! I just checked.. a few weeks ago; and that magazine cost around RM30? kot. That’s like.. OMG! FOR REAL??!!! – don’t convert the GBP to RM. GBP5, you can get a proper food only for lunch but for RM30, totally can cover breakfast, lunch and dinner! So if you see it that way, GBP5 is still cheap compare to RM30 haha.. in that sense la πŸ˜› If convert.. well it’s just around the same price hehe

I got Digital Camera Malaysia Version; for july. Guess what? Some of the articles (well.. a lot of it!) are from past months articles from the same magazine but in the UK version! How do I know? I used to buy Digital Camera UK Version πŸ˜› It’s not to my liking as it’s sort of like.. looking at photos rather than learning something from it πŸ˜›Β Digital Photo contains a lot of tutorials and tips.. and also recommendation of what equipment to get. Last month issue was aboutΒ macro; and it tells me about theΒ reverse lens (was it? lol),Β tube,Β close up filter and alsoΒ macro lens; the advantages and disadvantages of each of those etc etc. REALLY REALLY REALLY HELPFUL!

last but not least, the book that I really really really need to start using…..

LABVIEW! haha this is for my final year project πŸ™‚ I’ll be using this software; never use it before, so I need to read the manual for guidelines even though the examples in the book is pretty broad 0_0
Kalau tak baca.. issskk.. penat je bawak balik dr London tu hehe. Buat pulak tertinggal kat Msia time nak balik nnt.. errr haru je!!! haha

other books? other authors? well, I hardly remember names. There are a few more authors that I really like (and been going for their books) but.. well, I rarely.. ehh maybe just once or twice for this year that I went to the library (public library back in London) or maybe I didn’t go at all? I can’t recall haha!
I’ll update you guys about the authors if anyone interested to know the names πŸ˜›

p/s: I think.. I wrote a lot of rubbish; off topic stuffs lol oh well ^^ If you want proper review, let me know πŸ˜› It’s gonna be way too long if I write for all πŸ˜›
If you want to recommend a book (or books), magazines, etc etc, feel free to do so πŸ™‚ I’ll check those out soon πŸ˜€

p/s budak kebuloq: balik hantar adik je, trus pekena nasik tomato.. pukul 7.30 dah makan berat! isshh!! ape nak jadi nih!!! pehtu gi kedai Mee Abu, pekena mee rebus ngan kuewteow goreng for lunch hehe. Alang2 dah dkt, pekena pulak egg tart, blueberry cheese tart and cream puff kat kedai Kek Sayang. Mau cream puff yg boh castard as the cream!! =/ utk dinner plak.. ntah la.. tgh pikiq lagi ni nak mkn pa sat lagi hehe