Pekan Cina!


..not long time ago I just realize that Pekan Cina is Chinatown! HA!
I remember saying that to my sis and she was like… duuuhhhhh~ hehe – I never call Pekan Cina in Alor Star as Chinatown, no idea why haha

Anyway, my family and I planned to go to Perlis for it’s apam telur – not it’s specialty, it’s just that there’s one place there that could make it taste so good! but then dad had something else to do and pretty much we went to settle my laptop stuffs (got a cooling pad; Cooler Master NotePal B2, Dina mau? I already got one back in London)

I’m thinking of getting a new pendrive as mine is.. well.. way too classic! lol mine is 256Mb πŸ˜› haha – 16Gb is more than enough as I’ve been surviving with 256Mb for years πŸ˜›
I love my 256Mb pendrive as I really like the way it looks like; small and easy! I don’t see any small pendrive when I went out with dad and bro earlier 😦
Oh well, I might get one before going back to London.. or might not get one haha; not desperate for it πŸ™‚

I too am looking for either 8Gb SD card (standard price is…?) or Portable Photo Storage; whichever cheaper haha
I couldn’t find both earlier 😦

owh.. back to the Pekan Cina stuffs.. hehe
Dad pointed out the.. uhh sign which written Pekan Cina and Pekan Melayu (left part is the Pekan Cina and right part is the Pekan Melayu – for real la, right memang kedai melayu lol) – I just realize about that just now (man.. how ignorant I’ve been!)


Pretty much we pusing2 the town before deciding to go to the Stadium for nasi lemak Pokok Sena; I think I got the name right hehe
Yummy food! even though the dishes aren’t that impressive. I guess.. maybe because it’s hot food? (hot as in it’s still warm, not hot spicy :P)

And.. I had bubur durian for lunch hehe
Mom made it! totally delicious!! *drools* – Dina pulang la cepat~

Anyway, shot for today πŸ˜€ – it’s a panoramic again! πŸ˜€ I just got Photoshop CS4 Extends and I’m totally loving it! (I’ve been using CS2 and 7.0 haha) CS4 handles photomerging so much better πŸ˜€ wheeeeee~

p/s: I didn’t change the colour at all in this shot; not even the curve. Man.. I totally love good day like today! Good weather! Good sky! πŸ˜€


p/s: Dina, adakah anda memakai baju kale biru hari ni? psl ari ni satu family secara tak sengaja pakai kale biru WAKAKAAK boria biru! cool giler! πŸ˜› klo anda tak pakai kale biru… mmg sah loh tak sehati sejiwa πŸ˜›


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  1. hamboih makan, jalan2, suping x hengat dunia noh! aku ni yg terketaq2 nak tercirit dah exam hari isnin. ceit!

    btw gwe pon pakai baju biru hari ni. tapi then gwe tukar ke pink n we went for milkshakes with eliza n aaron and of course abang (er adik kowt) tu kenal gwe and gwe ckp gwe x bwk student id bley bagi diskaun tak n dia kata eh no hal i kenal u kan. hehe
    tapi malangnya gwe bli stoberi milkshake yg mmg dah diskaun so xle la dabel diskaun. kang dia suro gwe kawen ngan dia lak kalo nak lebey2. huahaha~

    maka begitulah alkisahnya cerita gwe di hari ini. huhu

    • WAKAKAKAAK awat xbli ferrero rush milkshake tu ka?
      ni esteroberi mana bes πŸ˜›

      loh tak try campur2 ka?
      yg abg (adik? wakakaak) tu sembang bkn men ari tu ka
      cekelat yg len ka..

      pa la loh ni.. patut try suma
      pehtu leh prayat abg.. eh adik tu
      sure dia kasi free plak lps ni WAKAKAKAKAKAKA

  2. Adila,aku rasa ko dah gemok!har har har (even xde pic ko, tapi dr pic yng ko letak aku leh rasa ko dah gedempol)..hehehe..

  3. Ha ha…. betul kata Sayyid tu….

    Adila dah gemuk, ekekekeke…. lebih gemuk dari kak tie (nampak dalam belanga pak belalang!)

    Lepas ni kena diet laa….. minum air limau nipis hari-hari…. hi hi…

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