… I don’t lie, right? Isn’t that written “Porsche” across dad’s car? haha! *bengong* – nice reflection πŸ˜›
That’s actually a Hyundai Tucson, not a new model of Porsche lol – I don’t think anyone would be deceived by that pic, but.. who knows haha

Anyway.. since it’s weekend, I went out with my family simply jalan2 pusing whichever place dad drives to lol
We planned to go to Penang – for no good reason hehe but since it was a bit late, it seems like we’re most likely will be stuck in the traffic jam going to and back; so.. next time la!
Since we were already on our way, and we couldn’t really make up our mind where to go, dad was saying that he wanted to see the new Volvo car (I’m not sure which model hehe ask dad la! :P) we stopped at the Auto City which is in Juru! – thanks for correcting me hehe

I never been there before, and hrmmm.. that place totally got lots of restaurants where it seems like a food heaven! I do think eating at gerai tepi jalan would be more worth for money.. haha rather than proper place unless you’re thinking of lepaking there for hours for one RM10 coffee or such πŸ˜›

Too bad there wasn’t a single Volvo there lol (and no mini cooper as well 😦 – I want a mini cooper!) so we went to Sungai Dua for mee udang with air kelapa
Totally yum! no pictures since sis sure bengang that we didn’t wait for her to come back home and go there together πŸ˜›

Then, dad wanted to try this mee goreng somewhere near there as well. It was alright, not that bad
On our way back home (obviously I didn’t want to go home yet hehe), we didn’t use the highway, so had jagung kukus and jagung cawan at Gurun

We went to Bedong.. ehh was it Merbuk? Aaanyway, we went there for cendol but the stall is closed on Friday 😦

That sounds like that’s the end of our food hunting isn’t it?
Well.. guess not!

Dad asked if I wanted to go to Kuala Kedah and obviously I won’t say no! hehe
More food! We had laksa, laksam, satay and tapai and oh! telur rebus with soy sauce which dad and bro seems to like a lot 0_0
I’m beginning to get terpengaruh with that haha!

With that much of food, eating non stop from after Friday prayer until nearly Maghrib, I feel FAT!
oh well.. janji, hati senang haha

Tomorrow we’re gonna have another food hunting session πŸ˜›
Would you be able to keep up with that kind of food hunting? Sure gemuk in no time! haha

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    • xde la slalu pun hehe psl kena travel sket klo nak mkn subway haha

      alang2 kat msia, cari warung la bes hehe
      mana mau cari warung kat london tu? hehehe

  1. perkhh.. this time, your school break had fully decorated with abundant of food & beverage … huhhu

    ada harapan pecah meter penimbang tu nanti.. wink! wink! wink!.. hehehehehe

    maza kaki jeles bab makan2 ini.. huhuhu

    • WAKAKAAKAKAKA sejak sy balik ari tu mmg xpenah timbang
      psl.. obviously mkn tak hingat dunia, ade ke jadi makin kurang berat? hehehe

      tak mkn nnt nyesal πŸ˜›

  2. Ekekekeke…. lucu la Adila ni….

    Psst – Pokcik tu memang jeles bab makan2 ni sebab dia kena pantang….hi hi… cian dia, πŸ™‚

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