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Must DOWNLOAD : All About Video/Audio


Loq was asking about video and such last night, but since I haven’t really install all the programs that I always use, I couldn’t name the programs correctly hehe

So, as the connection is pretty fast right now, I’d write a bit of things that MUST have to complete your video/audio editing, managing (maybe), extracting, and converting

Here are what I always use:


okay.. I’m gonna write down my opinion and what I use it for regarding those; doesn’t mean that I’m using it the correct way or whatnot, but these are just how I do things 😛
It might be wrong, my descriptions might be a bit off and the fact might be some sort of “ajaran sesat”, so.. google up to get the right information hehe. I’m writing this is a rush as I’m going out in a bit hehe

here goes!

1. Video Convert Master
I’m using the older version; because that was what I first downloaded like… 2 years ago? haha (I don’t really mind the version as long as it does what it meant to do)
I find this really easy to use and obviously I like the way it look 😀
There are a lot of options to choose from; converting to AVI, MP4, MPEG, RM etc. That helps a lot since videos that I make are usually over 100Mb (1 video did reach 1Gb) – and it reduce the file size (you can choose the quality of the video and sound) so that it’s easier to upload it to facebook or youtube

4. Picasa
… should I say more? everyone is using this, I bet you know how to use this better than me hehe. I only use it a for few times as I usually stick to photoshop even when doing simple stuffs hehe
I’m not sure if I can put movies together using Picasa as I never tried it, but using pictures to do movie, it’s really easy to do! well.. it’s way better than using Window Movie Maker which always crash lol

2. Sony Vegas Movie Studio
Arif introduced me to this one last year? or was it 2 years ago? because I was trying to make a video for my sis birthday – more like.. ucapan hari lahir from family and her friends; so that everyone who can’t make it to the surprise party can too be part of the celebration hehe
It’s a bit hard to use at first; I had to google up for some tutorials and I still find it a bit hard to use even now.. well.. I only used it twice! haha
It’s really a powerful program; it can do EVERYTHING! – well.. keeping in mind, you know how to do it hehe; crop, merge, use a bit of audio, video then continue with the previous audio, etc.. it can do those things!
I really recommend this if you’d like to make a movie (or video) where you want to have total control over what you’re doing 🙂

5. Subtitle Workshop
This would come in handy; even if you’re not doing subtitles for anime or anything haha – I think, most subbers use ae…something something to do subtitles lol. I can’t remember the name.. duh~ I can’t remember anything! *brain.. please work well*
Anyway, for something simple, this program does what you tell it to do! I tried to change the colour for the subtitle; but seems like it doesn’t work.. or maybe I screwed up somewhere. Either way, that doesn’t really matter hehe since you can control the subtitle colors (maybe font? I forgot) in Window Media Player itself (don’t ask me how, I simply have forgotten.. but I do remember doing something like that before…) – just trust my words la or you can try it yourself 😛

Aaaanyway, using this to put the subtitle, you have to name the subtitle the same name as the video/movie file. It’s such a hassle to have 2 files, right?
How to make the subtitle become part of the video/movie itself?
good question! To know about it, read next!

3. Sothink iPod Video Converter
If you’re asking me, why not just use the 1. Video Convert Master? I might screwed up somewhere, but when I tried it before, it won’t add the subtitle 🙂
But Sothink iPod Video Converter can do the trick! Simply add the video (yes yes! no need to mention about the subtitle in there; it does it automatically as if it can read from your mind HAHA!)
If you don’t like the format (mp4), go back to Video Convert Master and change to other format 😛

6. AoA Audio Extractor
life4hire wrote a post about downloading mp3 right from youtube.. or maybe from other video sites as well, from a website before (search his archive!)
A few months back, that site can’t be used as youtube change their.. security or something. So, the way that I do to get the song is by heading to keepVid – I think most of you know that website; and use AoA Audio Extractor to extract the audio from the video
Apart from doing that (piracy is bad! please delete the song/video within 24 hours after you download it and support the artists – iklan jap hehe), this program can also be used to.. hrmm.. how to say this.. something like, cropping the song. Pretty useful is you’re recording your voice and wanted to get rid of the first few seconds before you start your speech. Well.. you get what I’m saying, right? hehe

I do use WMP, Winamp, Real Player, Quick Time etc (phew! what a list!) as not all can be used to play any video format. Window Player Classic or so I assume the name (I’m working from memory hehe) can be used to play video of other format? or was it because of the codec thingy; oh well.. haha. Peminat cerita korea/jepun would usually use the classic WMP because of the subtitle thingy (that was years ago, I’m not sure now :P)
So, instead of getting confused on how to play a video, I’d say.. go get KMPlayer! It can play most formats (I usually watch anime which in the format of RM, AVI or MP4); so I don’t need to worry about what player to use. KMPlayer could do the trick 😀 It can even play FLV format, WMP can’t – I tested it last night

I stumble that when I was randomly searching for video recorder. It’s freeware and what it does it recording whatever you’re doing on screen. I’m not sure about editing it or whatnot since I never use it haha
I just think that it’s pretty nifty to have it; just in case if I ever need something like that 😛

there you go!

I’m hoping that this post helps you guys in deciding what program/software to use (that reminds me.. I did learn the differences between a program and software.. something about.. err one of it.. not sure which one doesn’t have documentation.. or something.. errr!!! I’m so in need to revise back Software Engineering! totally had forgotten what I’ve learn!) – so yeah, ignore or you can correct my term if you want to 🙂
I’m so messed up with terms! hehe

Just to point out some website..
If you’re looking for place to download, go to download.com. It has all sort of things, from payable to free stuffs! hehe
I had a link of lists of freewares; but hrmm.. it’s lost somewhere in my bookmark. I’ll update this post if I find it 🙂
For pictures, images, buttons, icons, etc, go to deviantArt. Make sure you read the artist comment as a lot of them take copyright issue seriously. Using their stuffs without permission (some of them don’t mind about it), you’ll be attacked seriously by the artist watchers (fans) hehe – a bit of an advice 😛

All right! If you have suggestions of the programs/softwares that you use that you think can help other people, feel free to do so 🙂

p/s : err it feels weird.. me, writing these stuffs. educated post maybe? haha

p/s budak kebuloq : dah pekena nasik majid earlier. sedap! tapi mahal nak mampos! ade ke patut ayam seketul RM7??!!! berpada2 la sket boh harga pun. Baik beli ayam tak masak lagi tu seekor hohoho