Hi Danny!


Welcome Danny to the family! hehe


Dad got me a new laptop; the Dell Studio XPS to replace my 3 years old Toshiba Satellite (can’t remember the model anymore)
I do love my Toshi, but the heating problem is getting more and more ridiculous. It can only be alright for an hour without the cooling pad, so that doesn’t sound good at all since I’m getting into my final year, pretty much I’ll be taking my laptop to uni most of the time – or to the library?
If it breaks down then, I’m screwed!

So.. I got Danny, yep that’s the name of my laptop now, because I need it. Danny, please serve me for the next 3-5 years πŸ™‚ without causing too much trouble haha

For the past days, I’ve been transferring + installing stuffs into Danny
I’m hoping that I won’t be abusing Danny as I did to Toshi *sweat drop* – alang2 nak guna, guna betul2! haha!

Anyway.. yesterday I went to Taman Jubli Emas for pictures lol
It is a nice place but hrmm.. I can’t seem to get any good shots 😦 (plus the sky was.. uhh dull and plain) – there were loads of puffy clouds a few hours before; at noon! haha but I only went there in the evening

The thing that got my attention there was the skate place (man!! what do you call it?) – I’m just calling it whatever name as I like lol
There were a few people there; and I did feel like I’m such a stalker or something taking pictures of them haha
It was a good time to try out my 70-300mm πŸ˜€
I guess.. I’ll go there again next time when the weather is better as I didn’t really get a lot of good pictures today – err.. actually, I need to learn the basic of photography again haha because when it comes to movement; obviously I need to play with the shutter speed more!
I’ve been taking pictures of still things; which means, shutter speed is not something I bothered with

Trying with sports/event like this would be a good experience πŸ˜€

Pictures that I think turn out pretty OK:




Where’s next? I’m thinking of lepaking near the airport pulak kot? πŸ˜›
It would be fun if there are lots of planes flying off.. but since it’s Alor Star.. err harapan la~ hehe

p/s budak kebuloq: char kuew teow kat Pantai Johor, somewhere near the masjid is pretty good! and the price is also ok la. The kuew teow kerang there.. hrmm.. I’d say that Kuew Teow Kerang Iman (ye nama kedai itu; or so I called haha) is still better πŸ™‚

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  1. ari tu ada jgak p situ amek2 gambar..tp lens x ckup laju nk snap picture2 tu..da laa time tu mendung2..gelap tul jd..org panggil skate park kot..hee~

  2. Eh…. kak tie ada laptop jenis Dell, lama daa… Tapi boleh guna lama2, tak guna cooling pad pun.

    Mungkin jenis Dell ni tahan lasak kot. Untunglah Adila, dapat laptop ni, Kaktie dah berangan nak beli baru,hi hi..

  3. yeay. ada laptop baru.. tahniah!! tapi aku memang da lama usha XPS tu. cuma rasa malas nak bawak laptop besar2 ni. hehe

    btw tengok gambar beskal, teringat kwn aku yang ske BMX kat england skrg ni. best tgk beskal wat stunt..

    • ..xde la besar sgt pun
      aku pun cari yg kecik gak ari tu
      boleh senget bahu bawak berat2 hehehe

      i got yg 13″ nye
      klo amik yg lg kecik, specs tak best haha

      a’ah!! aku pun sker tgk org buat stunt
      mnarik!! nak try sendri.. err xde bakat haha

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