FINALLY! *sobbing non stop*


what’s with the title eyh?
well.. nothing bad happened, it’s just that I’ve been going through such nerve wracking moments for the past 2 weeks and getting more stressed a few days ago – I do feel better when going out with mom and such; totally when I’m not thinking about this matter… but this thing is not something that could solve by itself

so.. what matter is it?
yes folks! this coming September I’ll be in my final year 🙂 insyaAllah if things go well, I’ll be graduating in July 2010 (do pray for my success)


I’ve been emailing my supervisor regarding the project that I’m interested in; and.. I know that he is a busy man 🙂 it’s my fault for emailing him at the very last moment; so I shouldn’t expect to get a quick reply.

He finally emailed me today and claimed me 😀

I made up my mind to do this project; insyaAllah I’ll be doing on Enterprise Network Simulation under the supervision of Prof. J.M. Pitts – I haven’t confirm the topic yet; but pretty much that’s what I got in mind already (thanks life4hire and Arif for pointing out that topic out of several others that I got interested in 🙂 that narrowed down topics that I could do)

Seriously.. I was scared to death if I’m being rejected from doing this project (supervisors have the right to ignore students that they feel don’t have the right to do the project under them – some supervisors would select students based on the students result etc) – no way I want to do any other topic!

Now that I’ve been claimed for my project, I should start cracking and find more info 🙂
I’m so relieved about my project matter!! lega sampai rasa mau nangis tau?!

Anyway, earlier, I tagged along when mom wanted to drive bro to the mosque for Friday prayer, to test my new lens 😀
I’m still not used to it haha terbiasa with 18-55mm

here goes a panorama photo 😛
GOSH! it looks crap in that small size!
here for full view (1280×500+px)pMerge1_3 copy_2 copy_1 copy_4 copy_5 copy_6 copy copy

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  1. thaniah la… akhirnya depa mengaku hangpa student depa nak buat project nu.. huhuhu

    cek pun rasa berayaq mata la ni… bukan takat kesian kat hang, atau sedih dengaq cerita hang.. tapi dok teringat kampung halaman cek sebaik tengok gambar nu..

    erk! tapikan adila, kalau hang adjust sikit lagi, cek rasalah lagi molek na.. tak da lah dok serabut sangat!

    (huhuhuhu.. maza tgh dok haru la ni..)

    • yep 😦 especially if the supervisors are busy
      nak jumpa pun susah

      i tak sempat meet face to face dgn my supervisor psl dia slalu xde dlm pjabat

      oh well.. i’m hoping that things will go well after this 🙂

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