Daily Archives: July 9, 2009

Hai Dina! ehe~


go get Berita Harian dated today, 9 July 2009 and STARE AT MY FACE! BWAHAHAHA
EHH I’m joking about “staring at my face” part pfftt

I didn’t write it; my sis did 😛
I phail big times in writing ehe~

002 copy

Anyway, just to let you know that I’m still alive even though I haven’t been updating my blog for a while now (and haven’t been bloghopping as well) since my slowmyx buat perangai macam **&^%$#$%!!!

If you miss me, catch me online on:
ym: love(underscore)adila(at)yahoo(dot)com
msn: adila(dot)nordin(at)hotmail(dot)com

Pictures? I haven’t been taking pictures lately; takde geng utk ajak ronggeng round Alor Star lol

Anyway, going out for jalan2 cari makan with mom hehe