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Cuti2 Malaysia On ROLL – Penang I


I was in Penang yesterday for half a day with my family for some stuffs.. and then went for food hunting haha
Planned to melantak nasi kandar Line Clear (duh~ where else haha) but since it was full, no parking and such, we ended up pekena nasi padang which was sooooo YUMMY SUPER LICIOUS!

Then, after Friday prayer, pegi melantak bubur kacang, pulut hitam, gandum plus laksa penang somewhere near Komtar lol (I am bad with place names haha – mati la sesat org klo I’m giving them directions hehe)

Since we were still full to eat more (mak aih! ada hati mau makan lagi lepas makan! hehe) dad wanted to survey the price for my 70-300mm lens 😀
It was far cheaper (obviously duh~) from the price that I checked from nikon.com.my at this one shop along the Penang Road

with thoughts that we might get a better deal, we went to Prangin Mall – just for the sake it was nearby lol
korang yg bli stuffs kat Penang, mana ek tpt that sell tons of camera stuffs?

the prices there for that lens are higher but then; dad yg memang terer bargain managed to get a good deal 😀 and BAM! took home that lovely 70-300mm VR lens

I haven’t really test it properly yet; so… jom photo outing people! around Alor Star la jom!

anyway.. after senang hati (LOL pfffttt – dpt lens tetiba; I planned to only get it from dad haha maybe some time middle of July or later haha tetiba dpt awal la plak~) we went makan again! 😛 -ape name kedai tu ek? dad panggil kedai As’kum haha psl that mamak slalu bagi salam when he sees my dad lol
and.. finally! had teh tarik with roti bakar and half boiled eggs haha (salah timing! mkn mcm breakfast tp mkn petang to be exact! haha)

pusing2 Penang some more before heading home 😀

pictures? OBVIOUSLY GOT! but not really to my liking sgt.. haha
so, instead of gambar ferry (perghh tourist giler okeh!); I had pictures of my dad’s office haha
a really nice place! sgt best for photoshooting! SERIOUSLY!

I tried panorama again; merging 8 pictures together this time *and ran out of RAM when trying to merge it last night – geh!*

a_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

other pictures? haha
here goes
DSC_0134_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

DSC_0119_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

budak kebuloq p/s: mau makan murtabak Kuala Sungai!! or.. laksam + satay!! haha

another p/s: ciss tenet slow nak mati! keep on dc’ing me all the time! slowmyx! wth??!!