As the title indicates, I’ve started driving.. again haha after nearly a year not touching a car lol
I was planning to start driving again next week; since my jet lag is still there šŸ˜¦ (and still not that confident yet hehe) but I just felt the urge to drive earlier – pagi2 ok la kan tak byk kereta pun hehe

Not sure if I mention this before, but my so called car was sold a month ago hehe šŸ˜¦
So, I was trying mom’s car earlier (mantaps! super best! haha)
Anyone interested to buy my sold already Kembara? lol

it’s that black Kembara

with that gone, my another so called “my” car (mati la mak sekeh psl ngaku kereta sendiri haha padahal it’s moms’) is this! šŸ˜›
mirror view udah~
I’d like to learn taking pictures of cars that have selling points in it – nanti2 la google hehe
DSC_0006_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

That picture was taken at my bro’s school haha
The school itself is pretty interesting; old buildings so personally, I do think that it makes a good place for photoshooting plus it would look awesome in HDR – errrkk kena kejar dgn pengetua tak nanti? hehe

pictures of the ways to my bro’s school.. agak2 sekolah apa ye my bro ni? šŸ˜›
DSC_0003_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

DSC_0004_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

Since it’s Thursday, bro said that he wanted to play bowling and mom was alright with it (esok hari minggu daaa~) and I wanted to get a new coloured contact lens there; at the shopping complex la kan hehe
The new colour that was out (gemstone green) they don’t have it in stock for my power (does it called as “power”? I remember someone called it differently before.. hrmmm) – urghh!! I want greeeeen!!
oh.. I’m -3.50 (please don’t get any worse =.=) and they only have gray, brown and honey
I’ve tried gray before.. and totally in love with it! So since they don’t have green, I’m trying honey this time

I like turquoise, pure hazel and gray but not really true sapphire (too blue! lol) and amethyst (a bit too dull imo) oh well.. lots of time to try other colours haha
Any recommendation? šŸ˜€


Back to the cerita bowling…
Did I say that I don’t know how to play bowling at all? haha
So.. obviously first round, longkang aje la~ but it got a bit better after that lol
my score? super teruk! no need to ask hehe
I know you guys are far better in bowling than me, kan? šŸ˜€ I’m totally a beginner

bro was teaching me how to play but it was hard for him to explain since I’m a lefty (he’s a righty)
Anyway, it was interesting šŸ˜€ I might want to play again hehe wheeeee~ *hobi baru la pulak*

DSC_0024_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

w00t! esok pegi jalan2 la~ hehe

p/s budak kebuloq: hari ni ku pekena telur sparuh masak dgn roti bakar. pastu lunch.. double cheeseburger kat McD tu.. maklum la McD London mane bley makan daging.. WAKAKAKA – owh ku control mkn ari ni psl smalam makan suka hati sgt sampai jatuh sakit sket~ kang tak pepasal kena kuarantin
so.. minggu depan obviously akan makan gila2 kembali psl tempoh sminggu hampir tiba~ WALLA~
dah 3 hari ku di sini.. so swine flu tidak ada ye~

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  1. wow! baru ku tahu ekau pakai nikon.. tapi tu hari abg maza nampak pakai conon..hmm

    tapi apa2 hal pun, cuti banyak lagi kanzzz..kita enjoy dulu..

    erk! jgn lupa singgah rumah uwan tu.. kesian dia.. huhhu

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