Getting a tan anyone?


errr.. I’ve been staying under the sun for a few days (weeks?) and I just realised that I actually has gotten darker.. well a bit way too dark LOL
but anyway, I really like staying under the sun! 😀 it feels great! so.. hitam pun.. err hitam la~ hitam manis orait gak, kan?
pasrah la pulak hehehe – memang tetiba je ni I like staying out; not berjemur (I’m “tan” enough lol) but simply duduk bawah matahari haha
obviously org kata gila if I do that back in Malaysia hehe but seriously.. it feels sooo good!

Anyway, yesterday evening sis and I went to Victoria Park (again!) haha just because we felt like it – and oh the weather became better during the evening (macam nak hujan je time pagi.. cis!)

So.. some pictures! 😀
and yes I’m still gila HDR 😛
I guess I’m getting a hang of it; so these pictures below are pretty much resemble the original picture 😛

I like this picture the most ^^
DSC_0066_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

would it look better if the water was smooth? (there were ducks there.. so I can’t smoothen it unless I use long shutter speed; but then I didn’t bring my tripod hehe)
DSC_0061_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

smooth! but the sky didn’t turn out that great hehe
DSC_0067_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

DSC_0049_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy


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  1. Omang ai. terkonang lak den maso dolu2.. huhuhu

    ada unsur2 klasik gitew.. keep it up sis..

    erk! kalau itam sangat, baik den pilih org Africa..wakakak

    erk Sout Africa actually yg pernah menjajah Africa Selatan itew… wakakakak

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