Goodbye Michael Jackson~


I bet everyone heard about this, right?
I knew it from deviantArt lol since my iGoogle didn’t say anything about it when I first check (berita “terlambat” kot?) haha
then.. only after a few minutes after everywhere is all about MJ’s death (deviantArt, facebook, HotFM, yahoo, iGoogle etc) and I got tired of hearing about it lol; last2 main playlistku je~

if you feel like reading it and not up for the idea of googling about it, here are some links haha (even though the news about it are like.. ALL OVER THE PLACES BY NOW omg!) – Michael Jackson dies aged 50
yahoo news – Michael Jackson dies – Michael Jackson has died

put it this way.. MJ died, everyone makes a big deal out of it – ok fine.. he was a well known singer and dancer – and because of his plastic surgery (I’m not fan, but I do like some of his songs and that’s just about it)
But.. if let say, me.. or you.. died, would people bother to say anything about it? Or even let people know? They heck care! kan? Selfish? Unimportant? Well.. that’s how things are since we’re a nobody

I was saying to my sis just now.. owh it was a bit of lawak kasar lol but I don’t mean what I say.. something like, if you’re dead, the next 5 minutes right after you’ve been buried, if someone ask.. “Do you know *insert name*?” and you’ll be like… “Who?” even though that person has just died and buried 5 minutes ago
not getting what I’m trying to say here? (I yg pening baca my own sentense hehe)

to put it simple, the next 10 years, people will still remember MJ who died today
but.. in the next 10 years, let say A died the same day as MJ.. if you ask someone who might be A’s friend about A, it’s more likely that that friend doesn’t remember A anymore

sad isn’t it? that’s how we are
cruel, self centered, selfish. nuff said!

tetiba jadi entry macam tribute for MJ hehe padahal bukan fan dia pun

anyway, 2 days ago (I think) I went to Kensington Garden AGAIN! but then, I did go to the Kensington Palace which was nearby – err tak masuk inside since I don’t think I’d enjoy looking at exhibition and such hehe so I was in the area/compound for a few hours; obviously taking pictures of the palace from the outside

seriously it’s such a nice place! especially since it’s summer now! 😀
since I got lazy processing my pictures, here goes some of it hehe
I still have hundreds of pictures to go through – god knows when lol

btw, there would be less macro/flowers pictures now since it’s way too windy these days 😦
I hardly get sharp pictures hehe

so.. yeah, enjoy these pictures of Kensington Palace

there’s this cosy restaurant near this shot (obviously expensive hehe but it has the “royalty” feelings lol)
DSC_0916_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

from the garden, looking at the palace
sgt cool ok the garden! too bad I can’t get inside that garden
DSC_0930_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

and this is the palace! 😀 the main entrance to be exact hehe
DSC_0969_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

I tried to make those HDR pictures to look a bit “normal” lol rather than looking like rumah hantu or tpt pembunuhan hehehe – but I guess.. I need more practise

Sape nak photomatix buzz on ym la senang crita hehe

p/s: I passed my exam and officially going for my final year next sept 😀 and skrg.. tgh kelam kabut picking a title for my final year project.. OUCCCHHH!!!

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    • a’ah.. guna style edit ni dia kasi terang lagi langit/awan dgn texture bangunan 😀

      sy skrg try nak kasi dia tak nmpak mcm dr crita horror sgt.. hehehe

  1. Adila: It would be even sadder for us if we knew when our time comes, as the death of Michael Jackson.

    I regret the loss of the King of Pop Michael Jackson! Jacko is a legend. Its my idol – I miss u. I hope he gets where he is now, finally in peace.
    Leave also your last greeting at Michael Jackson on our site, thanks.
    a big and now sad fan

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