Lalala sumbang la~


2 days ago I went to the Music Day at Kensington Gardens and Paradise Gardens Festival at Victoria Park
hehe dari sini ke situ~

The event at Kensington Gardens.. well, the musics weren’t my taste hehe but it was alright – xde la sumbang haha

I was there for a few hours just because I was waiting for the clouds to go around Royal Albert Hall and Albert Memorial haha
well… worth the wait! I got the shot that I wanted 😀 (2 out of.. uhh 30? haha)
I didn’t go to the Natural History Museum because there were some events (workshops to be exact) taking place there as part of the Music Day thingy
then, after I got back, sis, Eliza and me went to Victoria Park ngiahaha (pulak~)
best! hehe – malas mau elaborate, gambar je la ek hehe
p/s: I did got darker walaupun matahari macam malu2 je 0_0



waheeee~ that’s just it 😀
It was a relaxing day haha since I was just lepaking at 2 parks lol doing absolutely nothing – fine.. I went there taking pictures as usual lol
I can’t seem to settle down at home as I got way too nervous about.. result yg bakal keluar esok (supposedly today), so going out elsewhere could take my mind off thinking about it hehe
– plus I was feeding myself with way too much sweet stuffs! ferrero rocher milkshake, waffle, maltesers milkshake, maltesers etc in 2 days straight! bahaya betul kalau stress lps tu senang dpt makanan!

GAAAHHHH!!! cannot tahan waiting for way too long! 16 more hours to wait! 😦
wish me all the best! I’m in need of lucks hehe

anyway, the pictures 😀

I totally love the clouds here! I was waiting for hours for this haha. Now I totally understand when people say they waited hours in the freezing cold weather just for a shot of something! (stars, etc)

Albert Memorial
DSC_0815_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

Royal Albert Hall
DSC_0788_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy2

Kensington Palace
DSC_0870_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

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  1. Wow!! Gambor2 tu…. macam lukisan laa… Cantik betul!!

    Adila simpan betul2 gambor tu… mana tau boleh masuk mana2 pertandingan…

  2. perkhh dahsyat… mengerikan. mcm citer Pontianak Merah Vampire. huhuhu

    tapi yg lagi dahsyat antara ke dahsyatan itu ialah gambo budak pompuan pakai tudung putih!

    hmm! mcm kenal aje…kat ner ek? sapa ek?


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