just what kind of weird entry title could I think of more? xD lol

before I forget..


muax muax muax I love youuuu!
– happy father’s day kepada semua bapak2 jugak~ haha

anyway, earlier today I went to the Monument
I’ve been planning to go there for more than a week already! but then.. the weather hasn’t been great lately 😛

A little bit about Monument.. the history? nah.. I’ll skip it 😛 The important part is, it’s 202 feet (61 metres) high and the staircase of 311 steps, leading to the viewing platform, 160 feet (48.7 metres) above the ground
So yeah.. that’s why I’d like to go there when the weather is super awesome!
Too bad it was a bit cloudy when I went there; and it was drizzling a bit haha so I went to London Bridge towards Tower Bridge, before going back to the Monument when the weather seemed a bit OK

pictures of the Monument? well.. I did take a few but meh!! the sky was terrible! 😦
So, instead of that, see this! I got a certificate for going up 311 stairs! BWAHAHAHAHAHA lawak la pulak~

at the back of the certificate, got the picture of the Monument 😀



if you ever think of going here, I’d say.. GO FOR IT!
it costs GBP2 for students and totally worth it! I was there taking pictures for an hour! hehe – balik pun pasal dah agak lewat when I went there; kang pukul brape pulak nak sampai rumah hehe

and.. here are some pictures of the stairs inside the monument (pause kejap la gambar bunga2 ye~ berlambak sgt! hehe)
all pictures here can be seen from my facebook album

btw, I got myself into HDR hehe and these pictures are the few first that I tried HDR on lol

DSC_0547_3_2_1_4_5 copy

DSC_0548_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

DSC_0680_3_2_1_4_5 copy

DSC_0687_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

the view from the top of the Monument is so AWESOME
you’ll see the Tower Bridge, London Eye, St Paul and lots more building which obviously I don’t know the names hehe

DSC_0585_5_2_3_4_1 copy

DSC_0627_3_2_4_5_1 copy copy

DSC_0601_3_2_1_4_5_6 copy

w00t! even though the weather wasn’t as expected, it was still an awesome day! 😀
I had tons of fun. Too bad I didn’t realize that Bank of England was doing their open door yesterday too 😦 If not, I’d have gone there too! – Monument and Bank of England are pretty near
oh well.. tomorrow gonna go to the Exhibition Road Music Day at Kensington Gardens and if I got bored, I might head off to Natural History Museum because they’re having some.. butterfly exhibition or something like that lol

p/s : exam result keluar this monday! pray for me!
i keluar jalan2 ni pasal tak nak fikir psl result hehe cuak dowh! cepat sikit masa berjalan hehe

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    • suka jugak!! kalau xbuat hdr mmg normal je gambar tu
      tukar je jadi hdr.. perghh lain rupa hahaha
      aku sendri kagum – suka gila hdr!! tak abes explore lagi haha

      cpt2 gi angkut camera!! 😀

  1. woitt…berjalan sakan no..pi belajar memasak tu…hahahaha…HDR..sampai sekarang aku belum pernah cuba..cam rumit je aku tengok…lagipun aku nak try cuba test ambil gambar infrared~cuma filter je takde..tp aritu beli magazine dia ada cakap cara buat filter pakai negatif film yang terpakai..balik mesia aku godek ar stor cari..hahaha

    • haha biasa aar~
      jalan2 aar bes 😛 ko jeles psl ko tak cuti, kan? NGIAHAHAAHAHH

      infrared? ooooo.. nnt ajar aku 😀
      hdr xde aar susah pun
      guna program photomatix je

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