Welcome to the family, MARK!


Who the heck is Mark? *giggles*

well..Mark is my new filter’s name; combining it’s brand name, Marumi with macro (is what it does – but using ‘K’ instead of ‘C’) – ape kes la kasi nama kat benda? haha

jgn main2~ ade casing lagi tu haha

It’s only dioptre +3 (I’d love to get +5, but then.. ahhh better keep the money to get the macro lens! w00t! obviously, the higher the dioptre, more expensive it becomes haha)
I got it a few days ago; went to Tottenham Court Road to find some cheap filter (was finding Cokin) but ended up getting a bit on the expensive side filter – geram + terpengaruh dgn org yg jual tu haha kantoi~
It was a proper camera shop, a Nikon dealer to be exact. The shop is so cosy! and would make a good place for 70’s type of picture lol

If you’re interested to see other pictures, it’s already on my facebook album – I’ll be updating that album again tomorrow 😀

It was pretty hard finding the screw in (is that the right term?) filters.. well, as a matter of fact, along that road, only 2 shops got this filter! *faint* maunya tak hot aku cari hehe

but anyway, since I “terbeli” without giving some deep thoughts about it, it turns out that the quality of the filter is top notch! gosh! it’s sharp! it’s awesome! as what the seller said *or so I assumed lol*
I don’t even need to adjust the curve/brightness/contrast at all!

right after I bought it, I went to the British Museum testing out the filter on flowers they got there lol. I do feel like LOLing at myself for going to British Museum for.. uh.. FLOWERS??!!! PFFFTTTT!!! what a joke! xD – btw British Museum was nearby hehe

the result from using the filter? AWESOMESAUSE! senyum sampai ketelinga okeh! hehe
but then, since it has been a while since I last took picture of flowers, obviously my angle was pretty messed up!

So, yesterday I spent a few hours in campus taking pictures of the flowers haha (the weather was so-so; no good for landscape photography so I didn’t go for my “London Tour” :P) they always plant colourful + pretty flowers in uni 😀

Since I was acting suspicious (agaknya la kot), duduk sorg2 atas rumput tu with camera in hand; people who walked pass me either look at me twice, smile while wondering what the heck was I doing or start talking to me hehe – the place where I was lepaking memang depan the main building hehe
uhh.. one of my uni security guard came to talk to me as well *sweat drop* HAHAHAHA asking what was I doing lol

I had fun mencapub tak tentu pasal 😛 plus the grass is so comfy to sit on! 😛
I ended up taking 250 pictures in.. uhh 3 hours I think hehe
the pictures are pretty alright 😀

So, to show the AWESOMENESS of the filter, here are some of my good shots which shows how close I could get to my subject (if only I could get my hands on the macro lens… it would be more awesome! hehe) The pictures below are not edited in any way, not even cropped 😛

err.. the pictures look pretty similar haha; I can’t make up my mind to put only one lol xD – each picture different focus 😛 ok la tu hehe





waheeeee~ I totally love this filter! ❤
I love you Mark! xD WAKAKAKAKAKA

p/s: filter tak semurah yang disangka~ mau good quality sure mahal sket kan? 😛 brand ape yg korang guna and ok ek? hoya? cokin? marumi? marumi mahal aar~ cokin agak murah tp quality ku tak tau~

ape2 pun, puas hati beb! 😀 pokai pun.. errr pokai la.. adoii!!

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  1. awesome gila nak matiiiiii gambar2 tuhhh i cant decide which one is the best?! *meleleh ayaq lioq* good job!

    cokin?? itu nama kucing guweeee.. sebab kaki dia kaler putih ala stokin. ahakssss

  2. perkhh dahsyat! makin dahsyat adila huhhu!

    mengancam gitew.. heheheh

    Kes… Aderkk…:
    tak pe lah adila, abg maza kena consider banyak kali ini.. maintenance adila bersama2 cameranya tinggi woo..huhu.. tengok tu kat kotak, uwakkkk!!! terbeliak biji mata eden. huhuhu
    (kalau dah hobi, dah minat, ribu raban pun sanggup berabis kanzzz.. kata org dah sayang, sanggup berkorban giteww. heheheh)

    den tarik diri dulu (sementaro jo, cari modal dulu)….

    • WAKAKAKAAKA minat punya psl mmg sanggup tak beli benda2 lain, camera punya psl errkk!! -lps tu dok umah diam2 psl dah pokai hahahaha

      tp masalahnya.. income xde wahahaha
      so mau xmau kena slow down jugak~

      bulih la kot bertahan staun dgn mark ni sblm rasa gila gaban nak accessory/lens lain hehe

    • thanks 😀

      rupa org? hehehe nnt jadi mcm ala2 crita buluh betung; keluar org dari bunga tu hehehehe
      eh betul ke cerita buluh betung? err hentam je la hihihi

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