O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?


If you’re thinking wt* with the quote as my entry title, well.. that quote is from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
I bet most of you know it, right? (or think that it sounds so familiar πŸ˜€ )

Anyway, I went to the Shakespeare’s Globe and Tate Modern last week (last friday to be exact)
Shakespeare’s Globe is mainly the exhibition and the place it still being used for plays (they had Romeo and Juliet at night, the day I was there – nope I didn’t watch it)


Personally, I don’t think it’s worth paying GBP8.50 for a 40 mins tour (but can stay for the exhibition until you don’t feel like looking at it anymore hehe) – so yeah I was there taking pictures like crazy hehe

DSC_0680 copy

Around the building, on the floor, there are names of people. You can get your name written there if you pay.. uhh was it GBP2000? 3000? haha – nama dipijak2 la pulak~

DSC_0684 copy

The name “Globe” comes from the shape of the theatre. It’s round haha. The picture below is just part of it; the coloured part is where the VIP seats

DSC_0678 copy

As I was there for a few hours, I had the opportunity to watch how the actors wear their clothes. One of the school kid that was there for a school visit volunteered to be the model haha. It’s a HE btw πŸ˜›

DSC_0762 copy

Isn’t he pretty? *giggles*
DSC_0773 copy

Anyway, the exhibition was pretty OK. Good stuffs to test the camera on hehe. Here are some of my shots of the day πŸ˜›
DSC_0784 copy

DSC_0779 copy

DSC_0778 copy

I got bored with history and literature, off I went to Tate Modern. It’s where the art exhibition is at and as I thought, I can’t understand their “art” hehe. So I didn’t stay long there – mau duduk memerhati, memahami art? errkk~ xpe la aku pass aje huhu

The don’t allow photography inside the exhibitions so there wasn’t much pictures that I took of the place
DSC_0814 copy

Near the place, there’s the St Paul cathedral (where Princess Diana got married) and the bridge, is called the Millennium Bridge πŸ˜€ – the cathedral is one of the most visited sights but.. hrmm macam tak proper la pulak kan nak masuk situ huhu lalu je udah~
DSC_0638 copy

DSC_0639 copy

DSC_0789 copy

DSC_0801 copy

The weather wasn’t so good on that day. So.. yeah, the outdoor pictures are a bit.. well… bleeehhh haha. I had a shot of Tower Bridge as well as it’s not that far from Millennium Bridge but hrmm.. not really to my liking hehe. Oh well, I can go there again some other time πŸ˜€

Tomorrow’s plan.. well, let see if I could get myself out of my room lol hehe but if the weather is good, I’m gonna try using my new filter. Yep! I got myself a filter! What kind of filter? Tunggu entri seterusnya~ πŸ˜›

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