devMeet from my LENS~


my previous entry was a bit.. uhh jumpy lol
pardon me; i just want to put my pictures up fast yesterday haha (pffttt!! what an excuse! LAAAAMMEEEE!!)
anyway, for those who asked, what is this all about, read on!
i’m bad in describing in great details; but hopefully it now make sense (as i cut and paste from the official website lol)


What is this World Tour you speak of?
The coming weeks and months at deviantART are going to be epic. The Groups system, Portfolio engines, search engine upgrades, easy to customize journals, and other long-awaited features will all soon see the light of day.

To celebrate and spread the word, $Heidi (Director of Marketing) and $spyed (co-Founder & CEO) will be hitting the open road and taking to the sky on deviantART’s first ever World Tour! We’ll be visiting cities around the world with large concentrations of deviants and are eager to meet deviants in their local environments.

Wait. What? Really?!
In each city, we’ll be holding deviantMEETS at local art museums, galleries, or parks, with simple goals like gathering direct feedback from deviants, learning which features you value most, and finding out more about your personal deviantART experiences. The Tour offers all deviants the ability to hang out and chat with deviantART core $admins to share comments, ask questions, make suggestions, or just have a good time with like-minded people!

Tour stops are totally casual and low-key. $Heidi and $spyed are coming to your city to hang out and have fun. All deviants are invited and we’re so looking forward to hear what you have to say!


uhh make sense now? 😀 good! xD hehe
some pictures that i took of the day; well as i said in my previous post, can be seen from my facebook album, adila.deviantArt and also

before the day of the devMeet, there was the seniors medics and dentist farewell dinner
that gave me pretty much a good opportunity taking candid pictures (it taught me a lot!) – and thanks to that, my composition on a picture before snapping is a bit OK hehe (gosh! candid are hard! and you can’t arrange people lol)

if you’re interested in looking at the new doctors and dentists whom will serve Malaysia pretty soon, go to my facebook album and there’s a video as well! which a few of us compiled 😀

alright! that’s done! here goes some pictures that i took of the AWESOME DEVMEET!

spyed (Angelo, the co-founder and CEO) with *insert name-sorry i’m bad with names*
DSC_0008 copy

the WHOLE LOT of people (it was said that the number was nearly 300 during the time for the group picture but grew to around 350 in another few hours – how awesome is that??!!) getting together for the group picture
DSC_0014 copy

it was such a good day, with good people! 😀 there’s the Royal Albert Hall in the background 😀
DSC_0033 copy

spyed (Angelo) was telling us some stuffs before the group picture was taken
DSC_0032 copy

the people whom made deviantArt the way it is now. KUDOS!
DSC_0041 copy

spyed (Angelo) again 😛 i was just starting to get a series of shots of the day – i just find it amazing how him (ok.. THEY) can make deviantArt as how it is now! I’M SO IMPRESS!
DSC_0042 copy

we were showed what’s to be expected in deviantArt in the near future (lots of improvements, portfolio, etc) by randomduck (yes that’s his deviantArt name)
DSC_0047 copy

this would be one of my favourite shot! i randomly sat in front of them just for this. good thing everyone choose to ignore me and pay attention to randomduck
DSC_0072 copy

since there were lots of us; we were divided into groups to avoid being chased out by the police; photographers, digital artists, traditional artists and literature. i was with the photographers at first as it’s my main thing right now and had a picture with a new friend of mine, marielenh and also with another guy, but i look fat, so yeah.. haha picture off! lol
DSC_0049 copy

but after a while the photographers group was a bit.. uhh quiet, so i ran off to sit with the digital artists (i was(still) part of the digital artists, right?) hehe too bad i didn’t find any typographers yesterday 😦
anyway, in the digital artists crowd, i met with mosskat (left) and shadowprime (right) whom also called me a ninja photographer because i took his picture without him realizing it even though i was pointing the camera right in front of him NGIAHAHAAH EPIC SKILLS! lol -check them out! their drawing are awesome! (mosskat is available to be hired if you’re interested in getting a graphic designer/illustrator)
– when i first talked to shadowprime, it was funny how i tapped his shoulder asking if i can look at his stuffs and he was like.. shocked getting tapped by someone lol *that was so priceless! ROFL*
DSC_0057 copy

then strangelet joined us and took out his mighty Wacom and MacBook (wehuuu~) – check out his work as well. totally kicked ass! i was pestering him to draw a few times lol
DSC_0051 copy

… and it was passed around! (oh yes i did draw a stickman lol – refer to previous post for the drawing; for the 2nd round of the drawing
DSC_0052 copy

we were getting ready for the digital artists group picture when i took the picture of the photographer! hehe
do check his gallery, sherazon i totally love his pictures! ❤
DSC_0063 copy

and the infamous.. oops i mean famous 😛 FREE HUGS lol
awwww seems like sherazon got GLOMP instead of hugs lol
DSC_0066 copy

just by chance, i saw this sketch book out of someone’s bag
oh mai~ the drawing is awesome! i can’t stop myself from taking a shot of it! hehe
until now, i still can’t figure out whose bag/sketch book was that belong to
DSC_0071 copy

at nearly 6pm, finally took a picture with heidi and went home – i look super messy; but heck! this is a good picture to end my post hehe
DSC_0079 copy

and that concludes the devMeet; my first ever going to an event where i knew no one and with no confident of making new friends
everyone was so nice and friendly, and seriously i felt really comfortable talking to them; and obviously i was being myself yesterday 😀

thanks for organising the devMeet!

if someone would like to organize a mini devMeet again, count me in! 😀
deviantArt is obviously my favourite place. ever! ❤

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  1. Err…. kalau kak tie dok sana mesti gelisah memanjang.. hu hu… ramainya.. kak tie ni pemalu atau mungkin phobia pulak. Tak boleh berada di tempat ramai gini.. nanti terus pitam!!

    Pasal mat2 saleh tu..hi hi.. kak tie cuma suka sorang je.. Pierce Bronsnan….uwaaaa……

  2. Sweeeeeeeeet! 😀
    Btw I’m pretty sure the bag with the sketchbook belongs to cat-cat, cause I recognise her blue pencil hehe 🙂

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