London devMeet 2009


I was planning to update my blog like.. 2 days ago? haha but then, could get the time to do so (either watching anime, reading manga, or editing pictures *cough*)
anyway, yesterday I went to the London devMeet! w00t!
pictures can be seen on my facebook album

and selected pictures can be seen on

what is devMeet?
simply say, it’s a DeviantArt World Tour visiting the top cities frequented by deviants
they were in Paris before coming down to London; and yeah, it was yesterday w00t!

as it was sunday, obviously the tube went crazy lol with all the engineering work going on xD
the meet started at 2pm (well, some arrived like at 1.30pm) and maybe like around 2.30pm all of us gathered near the Albert Memorial for a group picture

i must say.. i was so IMPRESS with the number of people that came! (nearly 300 was it? WOAAAHHH!!)
to tell the truth, i know NO ONE at the meet
well, i am close with a few deviants; and most of them are Malaysian hehe
none really Londoners that i’m good with xD

anyway, after a while it was all good (i’m more of the anti social bit lol)
found new friends, was talking to people, changing deviant name (to stalk later on hahaha)
everything was fun! it was only in the beginning that i felt a bit awkward

and hey! some people do know me! (thanks to the daily deviation that i got not long before lol)
shame that i didn’t print out some of my stuffs 😦

i was there like.. from 2pm until nearly 6pm w00t! haha
i had my zuhur prayer at Malaysian Hall and asar at home (maghrib is at 9.20pm – just to let you know :P)
it would be fun to hang out longer; but then.. well.. 6pm was already late 😦 -arrived home around 7pm =.=

i had a picture with heidi but not spyed =[
oh well.. there might be next time haha (or maybe the members going to the HQ? 😛 hehe)

and.. i didn’t hv any picture with my new favourite digital artist! only got her pic hehe (and her awesome drawing! seriously, jatuh cinta pandang pertama beb kat werk dia!)

would you like to see the pictures that i took or you miss looking at my face? haha
anyway.. some pictures hehe

group pictures; which obviously not taken by me nor using my camera hehe

Pic by cei

digital artists group; Pic by sherazon
– i was suppose to be in the photography group but.. well i do both xD too bad i wasn’t in the photography group, group picture *shame*

with heidi w00t! 😛

Pic by sine out

we also had chance to play with the tablet and draw stuffs w00t!

excited overload!!
i guess i’ll put up the pictures that i took in the next entry hehe

OVERALL, it was super awesome! (super? haha)
i’m so going to come again if they’re doing it 😀

p/s: pardon my jumpy sentences; words, pictures lol it’s nearly 3am as i’m writing this; and been uploading, editing pictures since 7pm lol

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  1. Adila, ahaks! malu lak kekanda mahu bicara. huhuhu

    erk! meh ler kenalkan abg maza dgn awek2 cun mat saleh iteww… hehehe yg cun2 aje tau…


    tiba2 lak…

    “Yea darling abg datanggg niee!!!!”,
    psst sekali bini maza panggil la.. huhuhu.

    kita sambug lagi nanti yea.. rahsia antara kita aje tau.. shhhh….wink! wink!.. hehehe


      siyes bes weh! ramai photographers, digital artists.. macam2 ada~

      sayang je aku lepas dgn digital artists psl xjumpe pun macro photographer smalam haha
      ramai landscape photographers klo tak silap

    • ngiahahaha deviant2 msian rajin gak wat jumpe2 ni..
      ade kot 2-3 kali diorg bwat; tp skali pun aku xleh gi haha psl aku dok kedah~

      tp tu antara member2 je la
      xde HQ yg buat

      yg HQ buat; diorg singgah s’pore ari tu tp tak singgah msia hohoho

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