fancy some ducks pictures? haha
finally i went through the pictures that i took during the picnic (apart from the portraits which i’ve shown in the previous post šŸ˜› )

the whole album can be seen from my facebook album
if there’s any picture in there that you’re interested to see in a bigger size, let me know šŸ™‚

the weather for this week would be a bit.. well.. no sun šŸ˜¦ which means, no going out, no picnic, no pictures!
well, i still got a set of bees + flowers pictures to go through šŸ˜› (which was also taken during the picnic with my friend hehe)

i’ve also done the tutorial on the way how i edit my pictures which sayyid and saffa asked about; but since this post would be image heavy, i’ll leave that one for next time, okie dokie?

here goes.. some DUCKS!
– lapar gulai itik mansor.. (kat pekan cina alor star.. dekat2 dgn masjid tu; dtg lambat jgn harap la ada lagi huhu; perghhh teringinnya!!)

DSC_0450 copy

DSC_0497 copy

DSC_0514 copy

DSC_0519 copy

DSC_0528 copy

DSC_0453 copy

next time can go ducks watching again la~ (not to mention; 70-300mm lens *cough* coming soon~ šŸ˜€ )

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