Coronation Day!


apekah coronation day ni? haa aku pun blur mula2 hehehe
google2 sket.. taraaa~

BnWDSC_0278 copy

Royal Gun Salutes in Hyde Park:

Salutes are fired by the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery (41 Gun Royal Salute) in Hyde Park at 12.00 noon. They occur on the following Royal anniversaries, however gun salutes are not fired on Sundays, so if the date falls on a Sunday, the salute will take place the next day.

senang cakap ni royal event yg guna meriam tembak menembak tu hehe
hebat gak πŸ˜€ (plus uniform cantik!) -it was actually sgt cool! hehe

too bad i don’t have any better lens (70-300mm would be awesome!)
haaiissshh deal with it je la kan~

i went alone there; so tak berkesempatan (konon) utk bergambar dgr mamat2 in uniform itu~ HAHAHA ade hati la plak kan~
they did it at 2 places, hyde park and tower of london

there’s going to be another one on the 10th June; same places same time for Birthday of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1200 at hyde park, 1300 at tower of london) – anyone wants to join me? i’m going for the tower of london pulak this time πŸ˜€

i might be going to buckingham palace tomorrow to see the changing of guards if tak hujan.. if hujan, the next day haha -bulih lepak green park haha

esok and lusa ada Royal Marines Beating Retreat
tempted to go; but it’s at 9pm.. dia nak habis pukul berapa la pulak kan~ 😦
oh well.. without lens 70-300mm tu sure kecewa jugak kalau pegi lol because for this one, have to buy ticket to see it xD kalau xleh gambar cun, penat je~

back to coronation day.. i went out around 10.45am; arrived 30 min before it started πŸ˜€ haha
a lot of the pictures that i took didnt turn out good 😦 (kecewa! mau nangis la!)
taking pictures at noon is super horrible! -i tak reti adjust actually hehe org duduk bawah shadow; background sure flaring nak mampos tak ke gelap gambar mcm tu? hoo~ google for tips and tricks la mcm ni! and the colours became over contrast which look so cheap! 😦

if you’re interested for all of the pictures, head to my facebook album

some of the pictures that.. well, i guess to my liking; are as follows:

BnWCSC_0432 copy

BnWCSC_0436 copy

BnWDSC_0376 copy

BnWDSC_0329 copy

BnW2CSC_0430 copy

BnWCSC_0434 copy

15 responses »

    • apo pulak~ haha
      apo etika photographer ni?

      yg kat febuk pun aku adjust kale gak
      kale asal mmg teruk giler! boleh nangis aku tgk
      slalu xpenah plak truk camtu haha

  1. Kak adila.. camner eyk nak buat photo black and white yg cantik macam kat atas tu? πŸ˜€

    saffa selalu adjustment > black n white. pasti new adjustment layer > curve..
    ni hasil dia.. tak lawa =______=”

    • slalu sy buat; new layer; fill in as black
      pastu blendkan ke “color” (layer gambar kat bawah tau)
      cara saffa tu lagi senang hehe tp slalu sy try not to usik gambar tu psl sy slalu last minute tukar fikiran sker yg in colour drpd yg black and white hehehe

      pastu gi kat layer gambar; adjustments > brightness & contrast; tukar kat contrast tu
      slalu 5-15 mmg dah mengancam

      pastu kalau nak gelap lagi, baru tukar curve tu

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