i woke up today; as usual turn on the laptop sambil sambung tido for a bit hehe

opened up my favourite sites and adila.deviantART got my attention

deviantArt has always been one of my favourite site as it got so many awesome art (name it from digital to traditional, from painting to photography, from pixel to vector, from 0 dimension to 3D etc etc – and you’ll find well known people from there as well; lots of photographers that either have their own books published, artists that got recruited, involved in exhibitions etc etc)

simply say, deviantArt is an online art community for everyone! i’m glad to be part of the community and proud to say; that i’ve been with deviantArt for 5 years!

back to my story lepas bangun tido.. in just a few hours (8 hours to be exact) i got flooded with 200 messages and 1 note (private message)

i was like.. what the heck?
i went through all those messages and one of it said.. “Congrats for the DD”


DD stands for Daily Deviation senang cakap ala2 dapat anugerah la haha

The Daily Deviation is a daily feature chosen from the galleries here on deviantART.

A small assortment of submissions are chosen each day by a select group of staff/volunteer members who wish to showcase an image which they found impressive or otherwise interesting enough to deserve being brought to the attention of the community-at-large.

The staff/volunteer members responsible for selecting submissions for the daily feature often are open to suggestions and individual community members may direct their attention by noting the appropriate gallery moderator or staff member with a direct link to the deviation which you are suggesting and a brief description about why you think the work in question should be featured.

might not be a big deal to you; but hey, i wasn’t expecting this! (sudden increase of +fav, +devwatch, messages-god! another 200 messages just got in within a few hours!, and also pageviews hehe and it’s still is increasing!)

when i did the piece; i showed it before, it’s this clicky here clicky here clicky here clicky here clicky here clicky here clicky here clicky here clicky here clicky here clicky here it was more of.. saying out loud what i think and putting it as a simple art work without any thought of people finding it inspiring and how it summed up nearly what other people thought of.. well, life in general


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  1. congratz~!! waa..dasat betul..aku suka tul situ..cantik2 suma design2, gambar2..mcm2 laa..

    ps: klau nk blanja, xle blanja skit2..kena blanja suma org.. :p

  2. maza has been entered your Adila’s deviantARt…

    wahh sooooo relax aaaa…. siap meniarap2 lagi. perkhh..


    wink, wink, wink!


      • owhhh… means, lagu sedap2 tu, penulis lirik mesti diorang selalu emo, kan? hahaha…

      • hahahaha slalunya mmg mcm tu kan?
        slalu lirik2 lagu sure cerita psl penyanyi tu; experience dia πŸ˜€

        mcm.. lagi pink tu hape ntah tajuk dia citer psl time parents dia bercerai..
        savage garden.. byk lagu psl tak disayangi.. kot? haha

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