London had such a good weather for the past 2 days! weheeeee~
sgt sesuai utk ber-picnic! (and we actually did! fun fun fun)

on our way home after the picnic, we stopped at this open gym place
somewhere near it got tons of daisies! sangat cantik!
took around 50 pictures or so but then most of them didn’t turn out as what i expected
KECEWA!! lol

so earlier today, went there again πŸ˜€
took around 100 pictures and YAY more to my liking this time (uhh around 3 turned out as what i imagined; others are.. boleh la lol)
plus, the sun was out, so totally can learn how to make use of the natural light source

direct sun to the subject is a no-no (would cause for shadow in the background which lose the uniqueness of the colourful background)
the best use of the sun would be when it’s elok2 je atas the subject.. memang cantik!
since the sun is there, be careful when choose where to stand/sit at (might cover the sun aka shadowing the subject)
taking the picture of the subject direct from top when sun is from all directions (eh mane boleh sun dari all directions.. haha anyway what i mean is that sun bukan terpacak atas kepala) that could give some awesome pictures πŸ˜€

i totally want to get the macro lens! MUST! (konon!! macam ade duit je nak beli kan.. hahaha)
i was thinking of renting it; it costs around GBP16 for a day but then.. depositnya.. issskkk obviously the deposit would be expensive.. adoi!

haiisshhh.. what to do
tunggu miracle to happen la before i can get my hands on that lens hehe

if only got macro.. sure gambar ladybird jadi lagi mantaps!
if only je la kan~ ngee~

anyway, some pictures πŸ˜€
other pictures can be seen here

DSC_0117 copy

DSC_0207 copy

DSC_0197 copy

DSC_0251 copy

DSC_0212 copy

DSC_0216 copy

DSC_0230 copy

p/s: esok dijangkakan hujan la pulak~ baru ingat nak keluar amik gambar bunga lain hohoho
hujan pun orait gak actually~ panas la haha

10 responses »

  1. mantopp. heheh

    but for the first two pictures…erk have made me dizzy ler.. perpinor2 lak mata nie ha..

    perhaps due to the background.. hmm?!

    • skrg ni dah mula panas
      so semua jenis bunga dah kluar hehehe

      skrg ni musim daisy kot?
      berlambak giler! kat mana2 je daisy merata2 haha

      perghhhh aku mau durian! ko saje je ye sebut durian!
      makan dgn pulut… aiseh! bulih meleleh air liur terbayangkan je haha

  2. betul betul betul.. if ada macro lens leh highlight si ladubird tu.. comel je. πŸ™‚

    and boleh yang mem-backgroundkan your bunga-bunga tu superb cool okay! cantik…

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